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The Whiteface Region is full of wonderful outdoor activities. Getting a guided trip or some special instruction is a great way to enjoy it right from the beginning.

If you have a group together for an activity you can find someone who will make it even more enjoyable, with skills to build on for the next adventure.

If you are new at something, help is always welcome. (image shows a rock climber on a sheer cliff face with a safety rope)

Whether you want to get this new interest started with expertise, want to make sure a group venture goes smoothly , or are wondering how to amuse the kids while wearing them out when you have a schedule challenge, our local guide services are ready for you.

From the highest of our mountains to the depths of our streams.

To be good at something, you must learn. Why not speed up the process? (image shows an angler in waders, outfitted with fly fishing equipment, mid-river)

They are often found at their gear shops and outfitters. Have a chat about what you need, and get ready for a fine time.

It's always a good idea to consult an expert.

Leave No Trace and Love Your ADK

The magic of the Adirondacks is the result of previous generations taking a long view and protecting the mountains, lakes, and rivers within the Blue Line. That tradition continues today as we support and encourage everyone to practice Leave No Trace ethics, which help protect the lands and waters of the Adirondacks.

Love Your ADK Pledge

Hungry Trout Fly Shop is a full service fly shop on the banks of the Ausable River. Our licensed guide service offers half- and full-day trips on rivers, ponds, and lakes for trout, brookies, and bass. Take a classic canoe...
Wilmington, New York
Affordable, performance-based fly fishing gear and guide services.
Wilmington, New York
Wild Flow Mountain Bike Tours
The Adirondack Mountains have long been home to true outdoor enthusiasts. The people that come here live and breath the mountain life, grounding themselves among the natural beauty of the High Peaks. For a mountain biker, there’...
Plattsburgh, New York
(518) 682-6066

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