Fall in the Whiteface Region
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Experience fall like never before

Every season in the Adirondacks is special, with something magical to offer every traveler, but it's the crisp colors of fall and the sight of falling leaves that make fall in the Whiteface Region truly worthy of your own personal bucket list. Whether you're bounding up a mountain trail among golden leaves, enjoying a tranquil paddle on a glacial pond, or exploring the area with a surreal autumn backdrop, you're sure to have a fall experience you will never forget. The Whiteface Region, full of stunning mountains, a legendary river, and unique natural attractions, is the perfect place to get close to everything you love about fall. The crisp days, beautiful colors, and incredible views are all just a step away! 

The Foliage Report

Want to see foliage like you've never seen before but don’t know when to visit? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re planning a day trip or a weekend adventure, our foliage report is an excellent tool to help you monitor our march toward peak foliage awesomeness! The report is regularly updated with info and vibrant photos to keep you up to date on the seasonal splendor.

Explore More

Hiking in the Whiteface Region is all about natural beauty: towering pine trees, winding rivers, and breathtaking views. In the fall, the views seem to change every day as leaves begin to change color and cover the ground, creating outdoor adventures that are exciting and dynamic. We've got everything from treks up Whiteface, the fifth highest peak in the state, to gentle ambles on flat forest trails. This is an area where you can find a quiet, short trail that will take you to serene ponds or a rugged trek to beautiful Eagle Eyrie on paths less traveled. Whatever your speed or taste for adventure, stunning, fun fall hiking is just a step away!

Camper's Delight

The Whiteface Region offers fun and flexible camping options, from quiet, remote backcountry spaces to luxurious glamping, where you don’t even need to bring a tent! This is the place to fall asleep to the sound of bubbling streams and wake up to the call of birds. You’ll find spots for tent and RV camping, camping cabins, and cabin-sized tents with plenty of amenities and homey comforts that put the glam in glamping. The range of options puts you in complete control, allowing you to be as close to civilization (or far from it) for your night under the stars. Don't forget the marshmallows!

Bring the Family!

The Whiteface Region is home to attractions and activities that are completely unique, and they're perfect for creating a vacation or road trip that your family will cherish for the rest of their lives! From communing at a wildlife refuge, walking into a natural gorge, or having a chat with Santa, the attractions here are as enjoyable as they are unique. Bring your camera, your Christmas list, and be prepared for a family vacation no one will forget!

Head out on the Highway

What better way to see stunning fall foliage than on a leisurely road trip? With so many hills, mountains, and an epic river, taking to the road is a fantastic way to see nature’s big seasonal show. Take your time, cruise the roads, and stop along the way for the breathtaking views, sweet snacks, and plenty of family selfies! You can even make a five-mile trip up the backside of Whiteface for a panoramic view of the Adirondacks. Whether you're traveling by car or you're on the motorcycle trip of your dreams, bask in the Adirondack sunshine, and explore what awaits around the next bend in the road.

A road along a river with fall foliage and snow covered mountains in the distance.

Fall into incredible dining

This fall, pair the colors and crisp, cool days of the season with an incredible meal and a satisfying cold drink. The Whiteface Region has many delectable options to choose from when it comes to dining, drinks, and dessert. Whether you're looking for affordable, unique, or fine dining, the Whiteface Region has got you covered. So take in the sights, take a few bites, and get a taste of fall in the Whiteface Region!

Fisherman's Fall Paradise 

Fly fishing, a great sport for being immersed in nature, requires specialized technique but, once begun, is an addicting art. The Whiteface Region is a trout-filled paradise, so whether you’re already an avid fly fisherman or a beginner who hasn’t gotten their feet wet yet, this is the place to be. The West Branch of the Ausable River is deservedly famous for its beautiful rapids, chutes, and pockets, surrounded by thick forest and mountain views. Local guides provide excellent advice, opportunities to learn, and great fish stories. In the fall, when the river is surrounded by stunning foliage, you might even have a hard time concentrating on your line.

Two-wheeled fun

From all-day expeditions to a quick morning ride, find out why mountain biking in the Whiteface Region is known throughout the Northeast for the best fun on two wheels. With Whiteface Mountain’s gorgeous foliage peeking at you from every turn and miles of trails to explore throughout the area, mountain biking is exhilarating fun. The region is bursting with trails and adventures that offer technical climbs, flowy single-track, and even a pump track and jump park. Bring your own bikes or rent gear at a local shop and hit the dirt for fun for the whole family. Our trails range from easy to difficult, all with gorgeous, colorful, pine-scented scenery that will keep you coming back for more.

Start planning a fall getaway to the Whiteface Region today!

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