See the Adirondack sights

Take a scenic drive to explore one of the most gorgeous areas of the Adirondacks. 

Driving through the Adirondacks is truly a breathtaking experience. The Adirondack mountains offer a unique blend of rugged wilderness and stunning vistas, making for a picturesque drive that is unmatched by any other. As you wind your way through the mountains, you'll be surrounded by towering peaks that are covered in dense forests of green, and in the fall, flaming reds and oranges will surround you as you push on. Roll down the window for some crisp, mountain air! Don't forget to glance out the window to see cascading waterfalls, pristine lakes, and rivers that wind their way through the valleys below.

Experience the stunning beauty of New York's Whiteface Region on a scenic drive through some of the most awe-inspiring areas in the Northeast. With rugged peaks, pristine lakes, and winding rivers, this area offers breathtaking views in every season. During the fall, the region surrounding Whiteface Mountain is especially stunning, as the mountains are ablaze with vibrant shades of red, orange, and gold. But no matter when you visit, you'll find plenty of natural beauty and charming small towns to explore.

Whether you are looking for lovely vistas or just want to take a scenic route to one of our nearby tourist attractions, these roads lead to scenic delights, whether you are driving or road biking.


Get Close to Scenic drives in the Whiteface Region