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Explore the Adirondack Park with a Naturalist and Licensed Guide. Encounter unique Adirondack wildlife in their natural habitat. Hear nature’s stories of adversity and resilience. Bask in the grandeur of glacier carved mountains and balsam-infused forests. Discover yourself as part and parcel of nature. Experiences can be tailored for seasoned hikers, families with children, or for handicapped accessibility. Book your Wild Neighbors Nature Connection experience today! Call 412-992-6648 or visit www.wnnc.net

-Forest Ecology Walks

-Wildlife Observation

-Guided Sauntering

-Guided Birding

-Guided Hikes

-Winter Snowshoe Outings

330 Old Meacham Lake Rd
New York
(412) 992-6648
Visit Web Site richhanlon7@gmail.com
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