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Guest Blogger Elevate Your Cycling Game with the Whiteface Mountain Uphill Bike Race!

Written by guest blogger Christie Sausa Picture this: it’s a beautiful golden afternoon in Wilmington, New York. You are on your bike poised for an 8-mile bike race. But this isn’t just any bike race - your course will take you up historic Whiteface Mountain, the site of the 1980 Winter Olympics skiing events and the fifth-highest peak in New York. Can you make it to the top? [img:…

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Olivia Penrose Life on the Mountain

Make Whiteface your basecamp Whiteface Mountain isn’t just a totally incredible skiing destination with Olympic history and year-round events, it’s a way of life! When you set up your base camp on Whiteface, you’ll never have to leave. From dining with a view to mountain biking and hiking your way to the top, there’s plenty to keep you occupied during your…

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Guest Blogger Views for Days: 4 Ridge Hikes in the Adirondacks

Written by guest blogger Natalie Moore While there’s a certain sense of accomplishment you get when you emerge from the forest after a long hike to scramble up an exposed summit, there’s another type of hike that’s even more rewarding. I’m talking about hikes that get you up to elevation quickly—that means a steep climb right off the bat—but then give you…

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