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The Whiteface Region, home to crystal clear rivers, sparkling ponds, and craggy peaks, is an ideal location for a back-to-nature family adventure. Whether you are staying for an afternoon or a few days, the region has a wealth of activities, attractions, and dining options that will guarantee fun for the whole family, in every season.

Awesome attractions

Visit High Falls Gorge to walk among misty vistas and dazzling waterfalls, or take a trip to the North Pole where the holidays are year-round at Santa's Workshop. The Whiteface Region offers timeless experiences, no matter which season you choose to explore.

Here, your next family vacation is bound to be amazing. If you're still not sure where to start looking, check out The Whiteface Region Visitors Guide that'll have you traveling the area in confidence. Get the scoop on all the best attractions, sights, delicious dining or cozy lodging when you download the guide today! 

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