Wilmington Whiteface Whiskey Run
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Sat, 06/19/21

The History

A historical society organizing a whiskey run - what's the deal? Well it seems the town of Wilmington has a long history with whiskey, sometimes checkered, sometimes not, but pervasive and significant. You see it was Wilmington which supplied American troops with good rye whiskey as part of their daily rations during the war of 1812. Being a small, quiet Northern village close to the Canadian border, Wilmington became a safe haven for moonshiners, bootleggers and rum runners transporting illicit spirits across the border during Prohibition. Even to this day, Wilmington is home to the oldest whiskey barrel cooperage in the Northeast. With its abundant natural beauty (we're inside the 6 million acre Adirondack Park), athletic bend (the Winter Olympics were held in the region. Twice!), and our somewhat sordid history, it just seemed like a pretty darned good idea to us. 

The Run

The 4th Annual Whiskey Run is going VIRTUAL this year---and we've added a 5k to the traditional 10K! It will take place in Wilmington or ANYWHERE on Saturday, June 19th. Runners receive a t-shirt, local swag, and a cool whiskey flask medal! Digital bibs, a special runners' raffle, and an opportunity for photos at a special Whiskey Run photo frame at Festival Field in Wilmington. Runners encouraged to share photos on the race website or FB page. Price increases May 15th. All proceeds benefit the Wilmington Historical Society.

For more information or to register: www.adkwhiskeyrun.com

POB 174
New York
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