Biking in the Adirondacks- New York's best

In the Whiteface Region you'll find opportunities for road, mountain, as well as downhill specific riding. With a beautiful set of roadways surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers, and incredible vistas you'll experience an Adirondack biking vacation unlike any other.

Riding in the Adirondacks

Mountain Biking in Wilmington is one of the most popular activities in the Whiteface Region. There are several trail systems on and around Whiteface Mountain, many of which are built and maintained by an dedicate group of volunteers called The Barkeater Trails Alliance. There are many different areas to explore so you'll never get bored, and a wide variety of terrain to keep you challenged. Whiteface Mountain, which boasts the greatest vertical drop in the East, and the 5th highest peak in New York, is not just for skiing and snowboarding. Hop on the gondola to the summit of Little Whiteface and take an exhilarating ride on a network of cycling specific mountain bike trails that wind down to the base lodge.There are trails suitable for beginner and expert riders alike. 

Adirondack road cycling is equally as abundant in the Whiteface Region. There are many rolling hills and winding roadways to explore. Two-wheeled enthusiasts can test themselves on the Whiteface Mountain Toll Road, or take an easy ride in the Ausable Valley. Steep climbs, challenging dirt sections, and smooth pavement throughout the region make the Whiteface Region an excellent location for your next training weekend or road cycling vacation. 


The Wilmington/Whiteface Bike Fest on June 20th-22nd is the premier celebration of Adirondack cycling. The annual weekend of two-wheeled related events draws hundreds of amateur and professional racers eager to test their skills in the Wilmington/Whiteface 100k race. In addition there are activities like guided rides, free shuttles on “Poor Man’s Downhill” and great social events in the evenings. There are always family-friendly activities for youths and those interested in trying cycling for the first time. 


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