The village of Lake Placid, while small and idyllic, can also be bustling and busy. Take a quick trip out of town - on your bike or in the car - for a peaceful drive along the famed Ausable River.

Scenic Drives

Starting at the historic 1980 Olympic ski jumps, take state Route 73 toward Keene for a couple hundred yards. At the bottom of the hill, where the road crosses the Ausable River, turn left onto River Road. Paralleling the river, this quiet road is often used by bicyclists and roller skiers training during the summer. Anglers will be parked at some spots and there are a number of locations to pull over and take a break - whether having a snack or just soaking up the sounds of the river.

This 9.3-mile loop, which continues at the end of River Road by turning left onto state Route 86 to return you to the village, has parking and hiking options all along the way, including Whiteface Landing, which brings you to the shore of the village's namesake lake.


Follow the Ausable River with this quiet, flat, road loop with beautiful scenery and abundant photo opportunities. Many areas allow for sitting in the shade, listening to the water chuckle among the rocks.

9.3 miles, paved, low rolling hills. Most of route along a quiet road with several pulloffs.

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