Stay in The Whiteface Region

We'll let you in on a little secret ... if you're visiting the Adirondacks, there's no better place to stay than in the Whiteface Region. Whiteface lodging runs the gamut from hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts to private rentals, cabins, and campgrounds. Stay close to nature and local attractions and enjoy front row seats for some of the area's best features: views of the High Peaks, the beautiful Adirondack wilderness, and Whiteface Mountain.

Get close to the action — explore the listings below to find the lodging accommodations with the specific amenities you're seeking to make your trip to the Whiteface Region postcard-perfect.


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Explore More in the Whiteface Region

Explore More in the Whiteface Region

Stay and Relax in the Whiteface Region

If you’re looking for a more cozy accommodation that really, truly feels like an Adirondack home, we have some inn recommendations for you! From these locations, you can easily access all the outdoors activities your heart desires.