Sample the mountain biking in Wilmington!

Mountain biking is one of the most popular activities in the Whiteface Region – and we thought it was time mountain bikers had their own challenge and patch, the Wonders of Wilmington Mountain Biking Challenge! Wilmington, the "mountain bike capital of the Adirondacks," features a wide variety of riding, for everyone from beginners to advanced riders! Our region is lucky to have the Barkeater Trails Alliance (BETA) as active members of the community. BETA builds, maintains, and advocates for a system of community and mountain bike trails, among other things.

A mountain biker rides on one of the features at the Wilmington Bike Park.

To complete the WOW Mountain Biking Challenge, visit these amazing trails. Once you've visited all 6+ trails, don't forget to register to claim your patch! After completing this challenge, check out the other Wonders of Wilmington challenges. 

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WOW Mountain Biking patch. Red design with bike wheel.

1. The Flume Trail System

The Wilmington Flume Trail System has 10+ miles of trails in total; pick your route based on your expertise and stamina. The lower trails are smooth and flowing. As you gain elevation on the shoulder of Marble Mountain, the terrain becomes increasingly technical.

2. Poor Man's Downhill (PMD) Trail

Poor Man's Downhill is a 3+ mile singletrack trail that drops over 1,300 vertical feet between the Whiteface Toll Road entrance and the hamlet below. Full suspension trail bikes are recommended.

3 and 4. Hardy Road, East & West

The Hardy Road (aka Beaver Brook) Trail network is the first mountain bike specific, multiple use trail system built in the Adirondack Park. Currently seven miles of track traverse both sides of the Beaver Brook Valley; pick your route from each side.

Two mountain bikers ride through a glowing summer forest.

5. Quaker Mountain Trail

Quaker Mountain is also known as the Three Sisters Trail. It winds uphill in wide, gentle loops for 1.2 miles.

6. Wilmington Bike Park

The Wilmington Bike Park is a must do skills park for any mountain biker in the Adirondacks! It includes a pump track, dirt jumps, and a skills park -- fun for all ages!

7. Whiteface Mountain summit (optional)

We want everyone to experience our greatest Wonder of Wilmington, Whiteface Mountain, in whatever way is most appropriate for you and your biking partners. In the summer, you can ride your bike or drive your car to the summit via Veterans Memorial Highway (there is a fee). Some winters you can even ride fat bikes to the summit! If you are an experienced hiker, this is one of the Adirondack 46ers. In both the summer and winter, you can ride the gondola to the summit of Little Whiteface (there is a fee). Experiencing Whiteface Mountain from the top is optional for completing this WOW Challenge, but worth it!

Whiteface Mountain dominates the scenery about Wilmington. Ride around town and then head up the Memorial Highway!

Two cyclists ride the roads in the shadow of Whiteface Mountain.

Responsible riding

1. Avoid muddy trails
If your tires are sinking into the mud and leaving ruts, the trail is too muddy to ride on.

2. Follow Leave No Trace principles
The seven Leave No Trace principles apply to all outdoor recreation, including mountain biking. Get to know them before your next adventure! 

3. Only ride on designated mountain biking trails
There are several designations for public land in the Adirondacks, and each dictates what can and can't be done there. To avoid any hassles, and to spend more time on the trail than online doing research, a good rule of thumb is to stick to trails that were designed with mountain biking in mind. Visit BETA's website or speak to staff at local gear shops to learn more. 

4. Ride under control
Adirondack mountain biking trails are also used by hikers. Have fun, but do it in a way that’s not a danger to yourself or others.

5. Plan ahead and set out prepared
Get information, buy maps, and know where you’re going before setting out. You can check trail conditions through Trail Forks and at local gear shops.

6. Respect the animals
Quite simply, if you see wildlife don’t harass it. 


Explore More in the Whiteface Region

Explore More in the Whiteface Region

5 Great Mountain Biking Trails in the Whiteface Region

Wilmington, NY is regarded as the “mountain biking capital of the Adirondacks”, a title that was certainly earned. With some of the best mountain biking trails in the region including Flume, Hardy Road, Poor Man's Downhill, and more trails.


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