A How To Guide For Mountain Bike Basics
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Springtime is especially hard on mountain bikers. Sunny days have us eager to get riding but the trails and weather always seem to have other plans. In Wilmington, a major mountain biking hub of the Adirondacks, the trails will remain a muddy mess for a few more weeks. Premature riding can damage trails and no one wants an angry mob of trail builders coming after you — they’re pretty good at yielding a rake. 

In the meantime, there are a few things you can do while at home to get ready for bike season, especially if bike maintenance is new to you. Having a baseline knowledge of how to keep your bike rolling smoothly will keep you safer on the trail and ensure a better riding experience. 

Our friends over at Placid Planet are the best in the bike biz and when we asked them to help make us video series, Kenny, owner and all around bike guru, certainly delivered! We hope this video series helps to up your bike maintenance know-how and gets you ready for your best season yet!

Video 1: How to Inflate a Bike Tire  

It's good practice to always check that there is air in your tires before going on a ride. Now that you're a pro at inflating a tire, let's move on to degreasing a chain! 

Video 2: How to Degrease a Bike Chain 

Easier than it sounds, right? 

Video 3: How to Remove Your Front Wheel 

Things are about to get a bit trickier as we move to the rear wheel. Don't worry, you got this!

Video 4: How to Remove Your Rear Wheel

Not so bad after all. What would we do without Kenny? 

Video 5: What to Bring on a Bike Ride  

This one might be the most important. Like any outdoor activity, planning ahead and being prepared also applies to mountain biking. A few tools — and more importantly snacks — can really help when you run into trouble. If you're looking to add some tools to your bike bag, all items mentioned in this video can be purchased at Placid Planet. If you don't live nearby, they ship! 

I hope this series helped to get you more prepared for and also excited about this year's mountain bike season! The Whiteface Region is home to some of the best biking in the Adirondacks and when the time is right, we can’t wait for you to come experience our trails. 

Savannah Doviak

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