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Make Whiteface your basecamp

Whiteface Mountain isn’t just a totally incredible skiing destination with Olympic history and year-round events, it’s a way of life! When you set up your base camp on Whiteface, you’ll never have to leave. From dining with a view to mountain biking and hiking your way to the top, there’s plenty to keep you occupied during your stay. See all there is to do when you live on the mountain!


If there’s one thing for certain, Whiteface is a bike-rider’s paradise. From on-roading to off-roading, mountain biking and dirt park shredding, Whiteface knows two-wheeled fun. The roads leading up to the mountain and up the Veterans’ Memorial Highway offer stellar views for miles, all while getting a serious pump as you pedal to the top! Whether you’re a competitive racer, Sunday-stroller, or an adrenaline junky in need of some serious jumps and terrain, Whiteface has got you covered! If you’re in need of repairs or maybe even a brand-new ride, stop in nearby stores like Placid Planet Bicycles or High Peaks Cyclery Mountain Adventures. And remember before you ride, wear a helmet!

A man hits a jump in the woods on a bike.


When your skis are starting to shred dirt instead of snow, it might be time to trade them in for hiking boots! Whiteface offers several trails utilizing a mix of lush-forest paths as well as wide open spaces, full of native flowers and fall foliage when it gets colder out. Not only is Whiteface a pretty giant, it has one of the greatest views in the Adirondacks. With a peak elevation of 4,867’ you’ll feel quite like you’re on top of the world! (P.S. On clear days you can catch a glimpse of Montreal’s city skyline all the way in Canada. Crazy!)

a family climbs single file along a mountain path covered in green trees

The pond 

Connery Pond is a must-visit during your stay on Whiteface Mountain. Hugging the base of the mountain, this 81-acre pond is perfect for paddling. While parts of the pond might be inaccessible during the late summer and fall, there’s still plenty of water to cross and spread out all day long. Connery makes a great fishing spot as well. Filled with brown trout, splake, yellow perch, sunfish, and pumpkinseed fish, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for these locals! While you’re waiting for your next catch, be on the lookout for Great Blue Herons that like to lounge about in the grassy shallows. 

a canoe nose sticks out on the water surrounded by foliage.


If your tummies are grumbling after a day of adventure and exploring, we’ve got just the fix. Twisted Raven offers a reprieve in a perfectly convenient location. Popular for their wings and flatbreads, this  cozy restaurant is open year-round, stocked with fireplaces and plenty of space to lounge as you come and go from the mountain season after season. Try favorites from the menu, like buffalo wings, wraps, burgers, and a diverse selection of drinks, so you can sip away as you chat about your action-packed day.

Two people cheers drinks with loaded tater tots and IPA at dinner.

ASRC Whiteface Mountain Field Station

Tap into your science side when you visit the ASRC Whiteface Mountain Field Station. The ASRC, or Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, conducts world-class atmospheric science research related to mountain weather and climate, as it relates to short-term severe weather phenomena as well as long term climate change. The field station consists of two main features, the main lodge and a summit observatory. Their instruments are situated just so on the mountain to conduct in-cloud research, and Whiteface’s height is perfect for this. Stop by for an educational tour and discover this unique opportunity to research, explore, and learn about Earth's atmospheric environment, all from the Adirondacks!

a boy looks out of the binoculars on an observation deck overlooking mountains.


If you need a spot to rest your head, Whiteface has that too! Book your stay at the KOA Campground, Wilmington location. Located just a few steps away from the base of the mountain, KOA packs a punch. With a wide range of amenities and camping options, you design your trip! Stay in a tent, camper, RV, or even cabin and relax as you unwind from your days of traveling and exploring. The campground’s general store, game room, beach access, playground, and trail access makes KOA Campground the perfect place to start your adventure around Whiteface. 

a family hangs out on a canvas covered cabin.

Adventure again and again

With Whiteface as your basecamp, you’ll have plenty to keep yourself occupied for the duration of your trip! However, if you’re looking for a change in scenery, discover the rest of the Whiteface Region! Find like-minded adventurists like yourself, try the delectable fare at local restaurants, explore the area's unique shops, and even leave with some new gear. Remember, while we all cherish the sweet memories and adventures on Whiteface Mountain and around the Adirondacks, it's important to protect our favorite spots! Practice Leave No Trace ethics and take the pledge to continue to protect the Adirondacks each season. 


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