Wilmington Bike Park
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Refine skills in the Adirondacks

As mountain biking in the Adirondacks has increased in popularity, so have the addition of skills parks. The dirt jump park in Wilmington, NY offers riders the opportunity to test their skills on a variety of challenging features in a non-threatening environment. Having this skills park, along with extensive mountain bike trails, so conveniently located in our region lends the opportunity to have an off road mountain bike experience in New York like no other!

The Wilmington Bike Park includes a pump track, dirt jumps, and a skills park. What started as just a pump track and dirt jumps has evolved into a comphrensive skill park that was expanded. Features here include jumps, rollers, seesaws, and so much more. Check it out today!

Location, location!

The Wilmington Bike Park is a combination of progressively designed dirt jumps and an exceptional pump track located in the Wilmington Youth Park directly behind the Little Supermarket Grocery Store on Route 86. The park is designed to test and improve bike handling skills while allowing riders to gain confidence in their ability.

Professionally designed features

The Dirt Jump Park was built and designed by Kyle Ebbett, former World Cup Downhill Mountain Bike Racer, dirt jump professional, and course designer for multiple pro-level mountain bike events. The construction of the park was a collaborative effort between the Town of Wilmington, local supporters, The Barkeater Trails Alliance, and an army of volunteers. This park is an incredible community resource that would have never become a reality without the help of so many, including Hardy Kids. A special thanks goes out to Meg Parker and Matt McNamara of Wilmington for their significant financial contribution.

Throughout the building process Kyle continuously sought the input of the local riders with the end result being a place that is well taken care of and really fun ride. Kids and adults of all ages are certain to find a feature in the park that suits their skills perfectly. Less aggressive riders will love the smooth feeling of rolling over the pump track while aggressive tricksters will enjoy the progression offered by the varying sizes of jumps. Any bike that is suitable for dirt is appropriate to use at the park.       

Open for all riders

The bike park is free and open to the public during daylight hours. All riders should do their part to ensure the good condition of the park by not riding when soil conditions are wet. Helmets are always required in the park. Please respect the rules and have fun!


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