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Whiteface Region's best of the best

So, you just finished one of the many incredible and fun activities that the Whiteface Region has to offer. Maybe you hiked one of the numerous mountains in the area, maybe you visited the High Falls Gorge, or maybe you just left the world-famous Olympic-sized mountain that is Whiteface Mountain. Whatever it is you were doing, you’re probably going to need to refuel after (or before) the fun. Whether you want to find a diner, fine dining, or something more affordable, we’ve got you covered. And, oh yeah, we’ll find a spot where you can satisfy that sweet tooth too. Let’s dive in on where to dine in the Whiteface Region! 

Dinner table full of food and drinks sits in front of a fireplace
Fine dining in the Whiteface Region

Affordable options

If fine dining isn’t quite on the menu (or in the budget) for today then you’ll probably be on the lookout for an affordable family dining-style restaurant. Lucky for you, there are some great options in the Whiteface Region. A fantastic affordable option in the region is Rudy’s Scar Bar and Grille located in the town of Wilmington. Rudy’s mission is simple: “Consistent, quality, fresh, cooked to order, pure ingredients served from our family to yours.” Rudy’s Scar Bar and Grille also offers live music on most Saturdays as well. Seriously, good food and live music is pretty hard to beat. Rudy’s also offers a fairly extensive menu. Everything from soup in bread bowls, burgers, hearty dinner plates, to fun desserts, and even vegan options! Of course Rudy’s also comes with a fully equipped bar for any adult beverage you may need. According to Rudy’s website: “Our food is cooked to order, low in salt, and no condiments (unless specifically listed).” Their website also mentions that the food does take some time to prepare, so please be patient because it's well worth the wait! 

The Adirondack way to start your day

Located right down the street from the Little Supermarket in Wilmington is where you’ll find The Country Bear. No, not a real bear, but The Country Bear Bakery & Diner might just be as profound an experience as seeing a real bear could be. Highly reviewed and recommended by previous patrons, The Country Bear is a can't-miss for a true Adirondack breakfast. Parking is limited and it does get busy so it’s best to keep that in mind. It’s also worth noting, this establishment is cash only, but if you did forget your cash, there is an ATM located in the Little Supermarket just down the street. Once you’ve got your cash, make sure to try their famous French toast! One bite and you’ll see why there’s a sign that reads “North Country’s BEST French Toast” strategically placed for you to see before you order. Granted, I haven’t tried every piece of French toast in the North Country but I can tell you first hand that I have a hard time imagining that it gets better than what they offer. The atmosphere is that of a traditional diner and the staff is very friendly. Seriously, don’t miss the chance to start your day here!

If you happen to find yourself in Upper Jay, then find the time to start your day at the Adirondack Mountain Coffee Cafe. The folks here believe the coffee they offer will be the "best and most unique" you've ever tasted and will keep you coming back for more no matter how far away you live. Breakfast is served all day and lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Also, it's important to know that only breakfast is served on Sunday. The menu here sticks to the basics and everything they offer is just as good as their coffee! Have yourself a cup of true Adirondack coffee, a plate of incredible food, and see for yourself why customers keep coming back to the Adirondack Mountain Coffee Cafe! 

A plate full of breakfast food
A truly Adirondack way to start your day

Fine dining options

If fine dining is on the menu, then look no further than The Hungry Trout Restaurant. According to their website, The Hungry Trout is: “the concept of a traditional restaurant reimagined in a modern way.” The menu is high-end and the atmosphere is lodge style and relaxed. The Hungry Trout offers arguably the best views of any restaurant in the area and has their own private access to the Ausable River to which it overlooks. The restaurant is conveniently located just a mile from the entrance of Whiteface Mountain, and offers a view of the river, waterfalls, and a mountain backdrop. This is fine dining with Adirondack flair and it’s worth every penny! 

It’s worth noting that located on the same resort is a more affordable option, R. F. McDougall's Pub and Grill. While more affordable, it is no less capable of satisfying your food and drink needs than its high-end counterpart. R. F. McDougall's was named one of America’s “Top 10 Fishing Bars” by Outdoor Life, a serious (and worthy) accomplishment. If you’re looking for affordable bar food and drinks done right then this is the place to be. 

If dining in a converted farmhouse sounds exactly like what you're looking for then look no further than the Ice Jam Inn in Upper Jay, NY! If scenic and unique are pre-requisites for your dining experience then the Ice Jam Inn will not disappoint. The menu offers delicious dishes at a very affordable price point, and you'll be sure to find something you'll love. Ice Jam also offers merchandise in the form of shirts and stickers that keepsake collectors will love. Finally, if the food, atmosphere, and location make you feel like you just don't want to leave ... then don't! The Ice Jam Inn offers lodging with options from single rooms to an entire guest house for those that just can't get enough. Eat, enjoy, and stay at the Ice Jam Inn and make a memory you won't soon forget!

Man sitting in front of a fireplace
Enjoy the fireplace and atmosphere at the Hungry Trout Restaurant

Something unique

Fast food isn’t exactly plentiful in the Adirondacks. Depending on who you are, that can be both a positive or a negative. Sure you can find the occasional Dunkin’ or McDonald’s in the region, but otherwise, there isn’t a vast selection. However, in Wilmington, there is a classic A&W Restaurant. While it may not be rare to find an A&W elsewhere ... it certainly is around here. To find the closest A&W you'll need to travel about 65 miles to Lake George or at least 80 miles and end up in another country, across the border, in Canada! This place is certainly one of a kind in the region. What’s more, the architecture remains retro and creates a classic aesthetic, invoking a sense of nostalgia for older generations and interest for younger generations who get to imagine the simpler times of days gone by. Be sure to visit A&W while you’re here, because if not, it’s going to be a long drive to find another one! 

Child holds a dessert while sitting outside
A unique regional experience for all ages

Grab a slice

If you’re looking for a quality slice of pizza then look no further than Fratelli's Pizza Restaurant & Bar II. According to their website: “All of the ingredients we use at Fratelli's Pizza Restaurant II are local. We stock our restaurant kitchen in much the same way that we stock our home kitchen, with daily deliveries of fresh ingredients.” If farm-to-table is your thing, Fratelli’s is your place! In addition to pizza, they offer classic Italian dishes, steak, seafood, desserts, and even vegan options! Fratelli’s offers local wines, local high-quality ingredients, and a friendly, family atmosphere. If you want a slice, or an entire locally sourced meal, Fratelli’s will not disappoint! Fratelli’s is also convenient, as it’s located less than four miles from Whiteface Mountain and within walking distance from most of Wilmington’s lodging options! 

Pizza being cut
Delicious, fresh, farm-to-table pizza in the Whiteface Region

Satisfy your sweet tooth

It’s an irrefutable fact that no meal is complete without dessert. You can’t fight science, and who would want to anyway? If something sweet is what you’d like to eat, then stop in to Whitebrook Dairy Bar! Just like the A&W, Whitebrook also keeps the retro look that adds a unique flair to your dessert experience. Also, if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat they even offer their famous Wilmington burger and a few other grill style options as well. And of course, if you need something sweet to beat the heat then Whitebrook has definitely got you covered! 

A family ordering food at an ice cream shop
No trip or day is complete without dessert

Although there's plenty to do in the Whiteface Region, the food alone may be the only reason you need to find your way here. Find a place to stay, find some incredible things to do, and experience everything the region has to offer. The Whiteface Region is the place to "get close" to everything outdoor related, and undoubtedly, it's also a place where you can "get close" to some incredible dining. Plan your trip (and your meals) today! 


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