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There is no "bad" season in the Adirondacks, but the tangible joy that summer brings is something special. Whether you're bounding up a mountain trail or cooling off in a glacial pond, the warm sunshine of long summer days is like an invitation from nature to make the most of every moment. The Whiteface Region, full of stunning mountains, a legendary river, and unique attractions, is a surefire summer hit. Make this a summer for the ages, full of boisterous adventure, deliriously happy family memories, and a few scoops of ice cream. It's summer, after all!

With all there is to do in the Whiteface Region, it might be hard to find a place to start planning your getaway! Don’t worry, we’re here to help! 

Amazing attractions

Soaring into the sky, traveling in time, gazing at incredible wildlife. The Whiteface Region is home to attractions and activities that aren’t just super cool and totally unique, they’re also perfect for getting close to nature and enjoying memorable, family-friendly activities together.

Whiteface, site of Olympic alpine skiing, isn’t just fun in winter. Drive the Whiteface Veterans’ Memorial Highway, a winding, five-mile trip up the backside of Whiteface. Bring a picnic to enjoy some family time together near the summit or at the base of the Highway, where lovely Lake Stevens welcomes visitors. High Falls Gorge is a splendid series of falls of the West Branch Ausable River, flowing between rock walls that were carved by glaciers and continue to be worn away by the awesome power of the Ausable. Walkways, bridges, and overlooks provide cool views of the falls from inside the gorge itself. It’s a trip back in time. 

A smiling couple at High Falls Gorge.

The mountain biking capital of the Adirondacks

With Whiteface Mountain peeking at you from every turn and miles and miles of trails to explore throughout the area, mountain biking is an increasingly popular and exhilarating form of adventure in the Whiteface Region. The region is bursting with trails and adventures that offer great technical climbs, flowy single-track, and even a pump track and skills park. There’s something for every biker in the family. Bring your own bikes or rent your gear at a local shop and hit the dirt for fun for the whole family with trails ranging from easy to difficult, all with gorgeous, pine-scented scenery. The many miles of trails, ranging from smooth to sporty, are home to a great community of riders of all ages and abilities, and adventurous visitors are always welcome.

A woman mountain biking on the rugged trails of the Whiteface Region.

World-renowned fly fishing

Apologies to bait fishermen, but for beauty and challenge, there’s fishing and then there’s fly fishing. Fly fishing, a great sport for quiet contemplation and immersion in nature, requires specialized technique but once begun, is an art that is beautifully addicting. As a destination for fly fishing, the Whiteface Region is a trout-filled paradise. Whether you’re already an avid fly fisherman or a beginner who hasn’t gotten their feet wet yet, this is the place to be. The West Branch Ausable River, which winds through Wilmington Notch past Whiteface Mountain, is deservedly famous for its beautiful rapids, chutes, and pockets, surrounded by thick forest and mountain views. Local guides provide excellent advice, opportunities to learn, and great fish stories. The Hungry Trout Fly Shop is a local mecca for gear and guides. Even if you think you have all the gear you’ll ever need, the Hungry Trout is an angler’s can’t miss stop.

A fly fisherman on the Ausable River.

Are you ready for summer fun near Whiteface? We hope so! You don't want to miss one second of the awesome outdoor opportunities here in the Whiteface Region, so start planning your trip today!


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