Three Fishing Spots For You to Try
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"The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope."

-John Buchan

If you are looking to go fishing in the Adirondacks, the world-class fly fishing of Wilmington, NY is an obvious choice for places to go. But not all fishing in the Whiteface Region is fly. Spin fishermen and women get their own chance to wet their line while surrounded by serene, breathtaking Adirondack views. I've paired three spots with three species to get your angling adventures started on the right foot (gill?). So grab your lucky lure, brush up on your DEC regulations, and enjoy your day on the water.

"Gettin' jigging with it" in the Whiteface Region

Spot: Franklin Falls

Species: walleye

Season: first Saturday in March - May 15; minimum length of 15", daily limit of 5

At the southern tip of Union Falls Pond, you will find Franklin Falls Pond where walleye are immensely popular (and immensely delicious). The largest member of the perch family, walleye have excellent vision, allowing them to feed primarily at dawn and dusk or in dark. During these times, walleye feed on baitfish in shallow waters before moving towards deeper water. Their eyesight provides them with the ability to hunt in what would typically be less-than-ideal spaces — dark waters, weed lines, and rocky points. After your fishing excursion, take a scenic 46-mile drive or bike ride on the Franklin Falls Loop, a stunning loop around Whiteface Mountain and McKenzie Mountain. Keep your eyes open for the hydro-electric facility at the falls!

Spot: Union Falls Pond

Species: bass

Season: December 1 - Friday before third Saturday in June; minimum length of 12", daily limit of 5

Just downstream of the Franklin Falls Flow is Union Falls Pond. The Adirondacks are home to largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, but smallmouth bass are the most commonly caught fish at this spot. Here, you will also find walleye, northern pike, yellow perch, pumpkinseed, brown bullhead, largemouth bass, fallfish, and rock bass. Avoid getting your line hooked to the tree stumps lining the bottom of the actual flow of Union Falls Flow and, instead, find your lucky spot along the old river channel! Want to extend your trip? Book an overnight stay at McIntyre's Campsite and rent one of the available fishing boats, canoes, or kayaks. Don't forget to give yourself time to explore the Silver Lake Bluffs in between your angling adventures!

Spot: Taylor Pond

Species: lake trout

Season: April 1 - October 15; minimum length, 21”, daily limit of 3

North of Wilmington, Taylor Pond is home to lake trout, the only trout in addition to brook trout that is native to the Adirondacks. You will also find landlocked salmon in the waters of Taylor Pond. Use the available public access point at the Taylor Pond Campground to spend a day on the water in your motorboat, canoe, or rowboat. Don't have one? Not to fear — you can rent a canoe or rowboat to see how the other side lives! The pond is surrounded by a 12-mile trail that visitors can enjoy year-round. Head out for a shorter out-and-back hike or, if you are up for a long day, take on the entirety of the trail. Just make sure you are prepared with enough food and water before you head out! Hiking enthusiasts can also hike Catamount Mountain or Silver Lake Mountain.

So now that you've got the spots, all you need to do is plan your next visit! There is too much to see and do in the Whiteface Region to only come up for a day. Book any of the variety of accommodations available to extend your stay or write up your itinerary of what to do during your return visit!

Rhiannon Berry

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