Franklin Falls Flow
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Due to the Paul Smith's Electric Light and Power Company dam, this is the largest body of water in the town of Saint Armand even though it's a dammed part of the Saranac River. Gorgeous views and the open sky will make your day of paddling memorable. Its 437 acre size leaves lots of room to explore.

Getting there

Off state Route 3 on County Route 18, 5 miles east of Bloomingdale, there is parking for 5 cars. There is also parking on the side of the road near the dam.


This is a dammed section of the Saranac River, so much of the lake is under 10 ft deep -- take caution. 


This impoundment of the Saranac River offers a wide variety of species. The 437-acre reservoir features an irregular shoreline with numerous islands, backwaters, and drop-offs. The lake maxes out at 20 feet. You’ll find largemouth and smallmouth bass along with a decent northern pike fishery and a good panfish population.

The marquee fish is the walleye, although it’s best thought of as a catch-and-release proposition as the state has a walleye consumption advisory against eating any because of high levels of mercury.


The dam at Franklin Falls created this lake along the Saranac River, so the shore is a bit different than a glacier-dug lake. The state launch can be used for motor boats, but Franklin Falls is shallow enough that only small boats should be launched. The launch is unpaved and somewhat rough, and boaters should take care since the reservoir is generally shallow with rocks and stumps lurking just under the surface in many spots.

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