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Romantic weekends have certain requirements. It's about the couple spending time on couple things. Pretty surroundings, relaxed hospitality, good food, and fun things to do together make everyone's must-have list.

The Whiteface Region is a slice of the Adirondacks that brings these wonderful things into a bouquet of loveliness. Enjoy some striking scenery, choose from delightful B&Bs, and revel in the abundance of low-key activities that allow for lots of time to focus on each other. All of these moving parts come together in a gorgeous mountain valley with charming small towns.

Have it all.

Whiteface Mountain has romance with a view.

The right room

Lodging is always an essential element of any romantic weekend. If the words "romantic" and "bed and breakfast" go together in your head, here are three to consider, each with their own special charms.

The Inn at Whiteface is wonderfully situated at the foot of a mountain range. They have a wide variety of rooms to fit a budget, yet it's small and intimate enough to fuss over each guest.

The Inn at Whiteface has wonderful views from their cozy rooms.

They have a fire pit for s'mores and a telescope to enjoy all the wonderful scenery, and then, the stars. You might not have seen as many stars as the ones visible in from our Adirondack skies.

The Willkommen Hof has authentic Old World charm. Half of the couple who own it is a New York state licensed guide who can arrange a memorable hike, cross-country trip, or fishing expedition. They are going on 30 years of hospitality and know all the nooks and crannies of what to do in the area.

Willkommen Hof means "Welcome to the place," and they mean it.

Willkommen Hof allows most pets and also stocks wines and bottled beers on the premises.

Book and Blanket in Jay is all about literature. Their themed rooms are devoted to authors Jack London, Jane Austen, or F. Scott Fitzgerald. They have a housewide policy of sharing and trading books. So don't be shy about starting a book and don't worry about finishing it before your stay ends. You can take it with you.

The Book and Blanket is dedicated to the joys of good books and all of the relaxation needed to do so.

Another delightful reason to stay in Jay is how there are so many interesting destinations that are walkable from where you will be staying. Read the blog, A cultural day in Jay, for more ideas.

The right bridge

Bridges are so romantic. Jay Covered Bridge is an attraction all by itself. This bridge has kept the original style and timbers, and was completely rehabbed as a pedestrian and biking bridge.

Covered bridges have such a romantic atmosphere. Jay Covered Bridge is in a park, too!

It is the center of a delightful park for a picnic, photos, and strolling hand in hand.

If you like your bridges cozy, we have one at Lake Stevens. As seen above, this little park is distinguished by a charming stone bridge with lovely views across the lake, named for 1932 Olympian bobsledder Hubert Stevens.

The hiking path around Lake Stevens has many places to enjoy a picnic lunch or stroll while holding hands.

It's part of the path around this little lake that features all 34 species of trees native to the northern Adirondacks. Find the 14 conifers and 20 hardwoods.

I'm not sure why bridges are so romantic. I just know they are.

The right gift

Oh, the treasure hunting you can do, all within minutes of your lodging choice. The gift shops run a broad range of possibilities, from the unexpected fun of the "best thrift store in the area" to the 240 different craft beers in the North Pole shop.

My significant other knows the way to my heart runs through Adirondack Chocolates, aka "Candyman." There's an incredible assortment of chocolates, from dark all the way to white chocolate, with other kinds of candy, lots of adorable stuffed animals, and Adirondack-themed clothing and souvenirs.

Candyman Chocolates and Gifts (top), Riverside Thrift Store (middle), and North Pole Gift Shop (bottom) are all great places to browse for gifts, souvenirs, and treats.

Riverside Thrift Store is a magical place. Legend has it the first time you visit you will find something special and irresistible. It happened to me! It happened to my brother! It happened to a friend of mine! So come prepared, and be alert.

If you or your beloved is a craft beer fan, you want to visit the North Pole Gift Shop, of course. And these are just three of our cute little shops that have interesting and tasty things in them.

Good things come in small packages.

Explore all of our lodging. Choose your favorite dining. And if things progress...there might be a wedding.

Pamela Merritt

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