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Reimagining R&R in the Whiteface Region

We often use the expression "R&R" to mean the act of pausing our busy routine to unwind and re-energize. Whether it's about rest, relaxation, recovery, rejuvenation, recreation, or any other synonymous term, each "R" fits seamlessly into the ethos of New Vida Preserve. The Preserve has been reimagined and beautifully restored into a one-of-a-kind destination that has quickly become a new favorite of both locals and travelers alike. Serving as both a getaway for those looking for a landing spot away from home and a community gathering place for the locals, New Vida Preserve has it all – the main lodge, restaurantcraft bar, bistro, billiards lounge, gym, wellness center and an extensive established trail system throughout the 2,000-acre property. Visitors to the Preserve will find the perfect combination of nostalgia associated with the former Paleface Ski Mountain running in parallel with an ambiance of renewal, revitalization, and wellness. With everything from yoga classes to live music events, creatively delicious farm-to-table fare, and miles of trails to explore in the glorious Whiteface Region, New Vida Preserve offers an immersive experience where you can replenish your spirit, soothe your mind, and delight your senses – a place for holistic wellness and enriching your body, mind, and spirit. 

A group of people enjoy an event at New Vida Preserve

A retreat like no other

Indulge in an immersive retreat at New Vida Preserve – simply by booking a room in the main lodge. The reinvigorated rooms invite you to unwind in blissful comfort and tranquility, complete with thoughtful details and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain landscapes that will make your stay in the mountains memorable and oh-so-cozy. More than just an overnight stay, lodge guests are granted access to all of the amenities available at New Vida Preserve. Gather with friends old and new in one of the many comfortable spaces available within the restored A-frame architecture of the historic lodge and select from a range of activities to meet your mood and nourish your spirit. Everything you need for a comfortable and wholly rejuvenating experience is available right at the Preserve – enjoy switching between outdoor experiences, wellness activities, delightful bistro and dining options, and a schedule of special events held at the lodge.

A fluffy mattress atop an Adirondack-style log bed frame in a guest room at New Vida Preserve

Cultivating wellness

A focus on wellness is prevalent in the Whiteface Region and New Vida Preserve has emerged as one of the most sought-after wellness retreats in the area. The Preserve views wellness as an integral part of everyday life rather than just a sporadic indulgence. Yoga, meditation, breath work, energy work, massages, and more are all part of the offerings at the Preserve, created and performed by a highly-skilled, experienced team of wellness providers. Schedule a therapeutic treatment ahead of time, or walk in for one of the yoga classes, offered in a blissfully tranquil A-frame space in the lodge – the experience of yoga in such a one-of-a-kind, peaceful environment is a can't-miss experience of its own! You can choose to attend an individual class or treatment, or purchase a package and build an ongoing relationship with your provider and the wellness community. 

One of the A-frame yoga rooms at New Vida Preserve wellness space

Mindful outdoor experiences

Embark on mindful outdoor adventures amidst the vast expanse of New Vida Preserve's breathtaking property. With over 35 miles of trails weaving throughout the 2,000-acre landscape, there's plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in nature's embrace. The hiking trails wind along old ski runs and carriage roads, through sections of forest and open spaces, and lead to previously inaccessible destinations, such as the summit of Bassett Mountain. From various vantage points around the property, soak in panoramic views of the surrounding area, including sweeping views of the Ausable River Valley, Great Range, Sentinel Range, and more. The Preserve has plenty in the works for future outdoor opportunities – as expansion continues, experiences for mountain biking, rock climbing, and more will become available.

A winter outdoor view of part of the New Vida property
Photo courtesy of New Vida Preserve

Discover the ever-evolving experience of NewVida Preserve! With a commitment to innovation and enrichment, the Preserve maintains a cycle of continuous improvement and is constantly introducing new and imaginative experiences for guests that encompass adventure, wellness, and the arts. Whether you're seeking exhilarating outdoor pursuits, and wellness activities, or wishing to participate in an inspiring artistic endeavor, something is waiting for you to experience at New Vida Preserve! Updates are constantly being made to the Preserve's live music and special events calendar – stay connected so you don't miss any of the fun! 


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This is a great time of year to get to know the Whiteface Region a little better! Settle in for a few nights or longer and embrace the chance to live like a local as you uncover some of the area's best kept secrets.


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