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What’s Going on at Whiteface this Season

I’m sure you’re sick of seeing this disclaimer by now but it's necessary to say, things will look and feel a little different at Whiteface this season. Like many businesses who had to adjust to fit new regulations, the upcoming ski season at Whiteface will have some changes. It’s also necessary to note that operations can change at any time and visiting Whiteface Mountain’s updates page is the best place for up-to-date information. 

What’s New 

Should we start with the exciting changes? While many things were on PAUSE, the Whiteface staff were busy working on numerous upgrades to the mountain. Perhaps the best ski news of 2020 is that construction of the new mid-station is underway! Whiteface’s website says, “The 10,000 square-foot lodge will be a mid-mountain respite for skiers and riders seeking a great resort experience. Several of the new lodge’s amenities will be ready for use during the upcoming ski season.”

Whiteface also installed 60 new gondola cabins! In addition to the new cabins, upgrades were made to the mechanics of the gondola, and will now get you from the base to the top of Little Whiteface in under 15 minutes. Bear Den, the kid- and beginner-friendly hill, also has a new lift as well as further improvements to the mountain's snowmaking capabilities.

Trip Planning

Like many places, the allowed occupancy has been reduced for ski areas in New York state. Currently, the mountain is limited to 75% occupancy and lodges to 50%. With limited capacities, Whiteface is instructing all skiers and riders to advance purchase lift tickets, lessons, and rentals online. Unlike other years, availability may not be guaranteed so it will be best not to wait until you get to the mountain to purchase those things. Of course, until the mountain is operating in full swing, Whiteface will be unable to predict how likely reaching capacity will be. Know they are doing everything they can to make every person's skiing and riding experience special. 

When traveling to Whiteface this year, remember to book ahead, remain flexible, try to visit midweek, and if you still cannot get it, experience some of the other attractions and natural areas in and around the Whiteface Region. 

Gondola and Lifts 

When it comes to gondolas and lifts, Whiteface’s motto will be, ‘If you arrive together you can ride together.’ Singles will have the option to ride alone or with one other passenger. Masks must also be worn while waiting in the lift line, riding gondolas and lifts, and when unloading. Gondola windows must remain open at all times. 

Lodge and Restaurants 

As with all indoor areas and restaurants, masks must be worn at all times. There will be a 50% reduction in capacity, with tables spaced 6 feet apart.  Unfortunately, this means no storing personal items under tables, preparing packed lunches, or socializing within the lodge areas. Personal items may be kept inside a locker or on the wall racks. For this not-so-normal ski season, it may be best to get ready and just leave personal items in your car. If you’re unsure about this just look for a snowboarder, they've been doing this for years. Tables will be reserved for those who have purchased food and beverages.

This may not be the normal, 'Get Ready For Ski Season' blog you're used to but we want everyone to be in the know for skiing and riding this year! Ready to start planning a ski trip like you've never experienced before? Don't forget to check out nearby dining and other ways to get outdoors this winter.  

Savannah Doviak

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