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The right place to pop the question is almost as important as the question itself. This is where your fairy tale begins. This is the place that your partner will always think of when remembering the special day.

I remember when my husband proposed almost twenty years ago. I remember the golf shirt he had on, the blue sky, the warm air, everything. Proposals are romantic no matter what. It can be in your living room, surrounded by friends and family, at the end of your driveway or spontaneously after a party. but, if you are planning a proposal close to nature, in a romantic setting like no other, think the Whiteface Region. There are so many gorgeous views to choose from, so many places off of the beaten paths, so many trails to take you to your destination of choice, that I wanted to share a few special spots with you.

If my proposal was to happen all over again, these would be my next choice. By the way, my husband proposed at the edge of his driveway, ring in hand, down on one knee and presenting flowers fresh from my mother's garden. This was as good as it could get and I wouldn't change a thing, but let's pretend, for your sake, that we were going to do this again. Maybe we would start together forever in one of these beautiful spots in nature


1. Say YES at 4,867 feet 

Can you imagine a once-in-a-lifetime moment happening in a more gorgeous setting? I really don't think it's possible. The views from the summit of Little Whiteface are breathtaking. Take the realxing and romantic gondola ride up the mountain, and bring some friends or family with you to go sightseeing so they can capture this moment on film. The gondola ride ends at a viewing deck complete with picnic tables that are perfect for popping some champagne — and the question. Head back down the the lodge for a celebratory drink or two.

Any season works for a proposal on Whiteface. Picture the romance of the winter white snow, the colorful autumn leaves, the abundant green of summer, or the freshness of spring. Say yes on Whiteface and start your life with majestic views. 

Insider tip: Invite friends and family to hang out in the base lodge and surprise your loved one with a small gathering after the proposal. 

2. Say YES in a natural wonderland

May your love last a billion years, just like this deep crevice carved naturally over a billion years ago. There is really nothing like the natural beauty of the High Falls Gorge. A romantic walk will take you through the gorge along paved walkways and glass bridges. Waterfalls cascade over rocks to add to the romance and beauty in the warmer months, and it's majestic when it's frozen in winter. This year-round nature park offers beautiful backdrops for your proposal around each turn. Adirondack chairs are along the way, romantic bridges and beautiful sights add elegance and charm to any day, let alone a special day such as this. Say yes and begin your life naturally, among the beauty of the gorge. 

Insider tip: They also host weddings at High Falls Gorge, so you can get married there as well. How nice it would be to come back to the place you said "yes" to say "I do!"

3. Say YES along the flowing waters

"Love is like a river, ever changing as it flows." So true. There is something about a river that is incredibly romantic. The Ausable River in the Whiteface Region is one of these flowing, romantic spots. This world famous river known for beautiful waterfalls and 12 miles of fly fishing is set at the foot of the mountains, with views of Whiteface and pine trees in every direction. There are picnic tables and benches along the river making for a great destination to ask such an important question.

Plan a fishing trip, bring a basket full of snacks, and ask for forever surrounded by the mountains, the scent of pine, and nature's glory. This will be a proposal to remember, even if no photographer is present. Say yes along the Ausable. 

Insider tip: Fly fishing guides are available at local sporting shops, and these great guides will also be happy to help you capture the moment. 

4. Say YES in a covered bridge

What is it about a covered bridge? The design, the architecture, the rarity, the romance. Yes, that is what it is, the romance. All of these things combined create one of the most romantic settings you can find. Add this charm to the beauty of the Adirondacks and you cannot go wrong.

I honestly don't think there is not a more romantic spot to propose than the Jay covered bridge, on the East Branch of the Ausable River in Jay. The Jay Covered Bridge is one of only 29 covered bridges in New York state, and there are only two in the Adirondack Mountains. The bridge was destroyed by a flood in 1856 and rebuilt in 1857. You could put a romantic spin on this fact. "Like our love, this bridge has survived so much, and has been rebuilt with care." The photos will be amazing and unique. Just like your love. 

Insider tip: Bring a photographer to capture this moment. It is a photographer's dream and the pictures will be stunning. You can use them for your "Save the Date" postcard. 

The mountains, the streams, and the scenery create a romantic setting for your proposal in the Whiteface Region. Let nature be your guide and find your special spot to begin forever. There are many places to celebrate your new status as fiance as well. Head to one of the beautiful restaurants and toast to forever, after saying yes, in a picture perfect place. 

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