Motorcycling to the top of the Whiteface Region
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If country roads that meander alongside flowing rivers with a backdrop of majestic mountains sound like a good place to ride a motorcycle, you’re in luck. We’ll even throw in a side trip to the top of an Adirondack peak. 

Yup, you’re in for a first-rate tour of the Whiteface Region. 


Begin in Keeseville, and take Route 9N toward Jay, about 17 miles total that takes you through the hamlet of Ausable Forks.

Once in Jay, take a diversion to check out the covered bridge by taking a left onto Mill Hill Road which abuts the Village Green.

Time to stretch our legs and take in a bit of history.


And, of course, the perfect photo op

Return on Mill Hill Road and go directly across Route 9N to Route 86 toward Wilmington. (On this road, I like to thank my motor as I imagine pedaling it during the bike loop component for the grueling Ironman Lake Placid race that takes place each July.)  

One of our favorite scenic spots. There's a pull-over that's just right to grab a few shots before heading into town.

I can see Montreal from my motorcycle

86 takes you to Wilmington, home of Whiteface Mountain, which is accessible by gondola on the ski hill side, by foot by hiking the trails, and by bicycle, car and motorcycle on the Whiteface Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway

Grab lunch & gas at the local market and check out the little picnic area in the middle of town. Now that you've refueled, it's time to head up Whiteface!

Just after the bridge in the Town of Wilmington, 86 takes a left turn toward Lake Placid - but you should continue straight up the hill to climb Whiteface.  There is a fee to access the highway - but trust me, it’s worth it! The toll house will provide you with information about the Highway, which is sporting brand new, smooth pavement all the way to the top!

Unparalleled views as you ride up 8 miles, with frequent pull-offs to take it all in, and a short hike or elevator ride once you arrive at the top for 360-degree views! (On clear days you can spot Lake Champlain and sometimes even Montreal.) When you decide to go back down, just keep it in a lower gear and enjoy the 8 percent grade safely around those hairpin turns.


Riding up the Highway

Once you return back to the junction with 86, go straight again, and then take a right onto Springfield Road toward Upper Jay. This is a nice connector road of about 5.5 miles that ends at a junction with 9N. Take a right onto 9N toward Keene, a wonderful 6 miles along the Ausable River.

Now you’re in Keene, and it might be all uphill from here, but it’s a perfectly gorgeous ride to Lake Placid

Time to head into the High Peaks!

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