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The Whiteface Region is a cycling paradise. Challenging terrain, gorgeous scenery, and intriguing routes all combine with the fresh mountain air. Come explore a full weekend of aspirations in the form of incredible mountain cycling, then road cycling... with an intriguing twist.

Summer is prime biking season, and it kicks off with the Adirondack Bike Race Weekend .

7th Annual WW 100k

The WW 100k is one of only six qualifier venues for the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race, the best known and most prestigious mountain bike race in North America. This tells you a lot of what you need to know.

Our course mirrors those challenges with plenty of climbing, rugged gravel roads, and all that mountain sky. You will have plenty of support, too, with local bike shops on call before, during, and after the race.

The rest is up to you.

Craving terrain? Here is a banquet.
Craving terrain? Here is a banquet.

The course begins and ends at Whiteface Mountain, before turning you loose on the sixty-nine miles of jeep roads winding through vistas which have been inspiring artists for over a hundred years. Over the course there are views of lots of varying Adirondack mountain and backcountry terrain.

Wilderness. We've got it.

Your ride through the High Peaks.
Your ride through the High Peaks.

The Whiteface area is even bigger than it looks on the map, because it's not flat. At all. Mountains rear up, rivers race past, and there's something new around every turn.

Miles and miles through the access roads around Saddleback and Jay mountains.
Miles and miles through the access roads around Saddleback and Jay mountains.

You want the real thing; the experience of constantly changing challenges and peaks to meet and conquer, all in the most natural settings possible for a mountain bike race. This is our seventh year of hosting this awesome event — we understand why you do what you do, and we do our best to support your efforts.

The Adirondacks have always been a natural challenge. We treasure that spirit.

17th Annual Whiteface Uphill Bike Race

Can you make the grade? The famous 8% grade, that is.

This will be the seventeenth year of the eleven miles of hardcore uphill known as the Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway. Climb New York's fifth highest peak along the switchbacks originally carved from the mountain back in the 1930s. The course climbs 3,500 feet over those miles, challenging even the most experienced riders.

Join the pack! This is the last time they will be so close together.
Join the pack! This is the last time they will be so close together.

Accomplishment is its own reward, but there's also the added treat of the three-hundred-and-sixty-degree panorama from the top of Whiteface Mountain, where a clear day offers views as far as Canada's Montreal, and Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Many of the High Peaks can be seen from the castle at the top and along the little trail that winds between points of interest.

Cyclist in the highest gear, bike in the lowest.
Cyclist in the highest gear, bike in the lowest.

Down by road or by trail

Whiteface Mountain, and Little Whiteface Mountain, cover both sides of the road when it comes to cycling enjoyment. We keep expanding our trails, and our reputation for some of the gnarliest rides around. Whiteface alone boasts twenty-seven trails, and some of them have that "insane" reputation. Ambitious riders have the option of taking the bike on the scenic gondola up to the peak of Little Whiteface. The ride down covers more than 2,400 feet of vertical.

We don't think it's insane to do it. We take such exclamations as compliments.

Getting to the top of the world on a bike - priceless!
Getting to the top of the world on a bike - priceless!

You will definitely know when you have arrived.

new weekend tradition

There's a cash prize for those who enter both races. It's not too late to join this peak experience; though we do recommend some training before tackling this particular weekend.

Of course, you'll want to try us out for the experience, the thrills, and the fun of all our outdoor activities. Our summers are legendary for all the mountain climbing, river fording, and nature-seeking anyone can handle, and our cycling boasts a rugged reputation that's earned us the nickname the "Biking Capital of the Adirondacks." We'll take it.

It's tough. But regrets are tougher.
It's tough. But regrets are tougher.

We have it all in the Adirondack mountains. The pioneer tradition is reflected in our gathering places, where events of the day can be discussed over craft beers and great grub.

Our mountains, rivers, and forests know all about endurance. That is why they are still here, and still providing what you need.

Stay close in our homey lodging. Eat close with our variety of dining. Let our cycling fans speak for us.


This week we're all: Wheels, wings, and other ADK things!

Squatter’s rights

Cool sounds of spring

Memorial Day on the Coast

Tri keeping up

Paddle faster!

Peepers and tweeters

Malone from the start


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