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The time has come where we are looking to buy a house.  Our goal was to ease up on going out to dinner and start cooking more at home. This seemed like an easy New Year’s resolution — until we were told our friends were moving back to town, new restaurants were opening, friends were having babies and getting married, and so many more wonderful life events.

The resolution lasted a short time and the cravings for amazing food (that I don’t have to cook) became unbearable. Out the window our willpower went, and over to Pourman’s Tap House we traveled. The drive was beautiful as we passed Whiteface Mountain and all of the marvelous views that surround it.

Check out this amazing new restaurant in the Whiteface Region.

As we pulled up to Pourman’s Tap House we noticed the parking lot was completely full. The restaurant was packed, the atmosphere was incredible, and the service pristine. When you enter you may seat yourself straight ahead at the bar, or turn left to enter the more family-oriented dining area.

That was one of many awesome characteristics noticed during our dinner out with friends. There was a place that was extremely family friendly, however right around the corner there was a fun-filled adult atmosphere in the bar area. It’s set up quite well in my opinion. Of course, you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

The bar was filled with groups of friends having a blast.

The waitress accommodated our semi-large party of 5 and the drink order was quickly placed. They had a great selection of local beers on tap and bottled beers if you so preferred. We all grabbed a celebratory beer as our friends had recently carried out their 5-year plan in 1.5 years. Their goal was to move back to the Adirondacks and start their family.

Cheers to life.

Then came the necessary appetizer. (Yes it was a necessary.) We are all big fans of fried pickles so we decided to order some for the table. I’ve had a lot of different types of fried pickles and I assure you that these pickles are worth it. My goodness did they do a fantastic job with the batter and also the dipping sauce. I may have eaten more than my fair share, but the group was understanding as I was starving.

We couldn't stop eating these fried pickles.

We then took a little break after placing our order to play a not-so-friendly game of Spot It. It was nice that the atmosphere allowed for friendly games and conversation all around. We could have played all night as we get a little competitive when we play games against each other. Thankfully the waitress came with our food before it got out of hand.

One of our intense games of spot it.

We ordered a nice selection of entrees including wings, mushroom swiss burger, the lumberjack, and two spicy chicken sandwiches. Oh yeah, and we also dabbled in the world of onion rings. The food was presented well and tasted even better. I would definitely suggest breaking your New Year’s resolution by going to Pourman’s Tap House. It’s an all-around great experience.

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