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Wilmington is always a great choice for a weekend of skiing at Whiteface Mountain, but it's also a wonderful destination for a couple who doesn't Alpine ski. With quaint lodging properties, river side dining, and endless outdoor adventures, this adorable little village is all about the romance. It has some delightful features which can make it about just we two. If your idea of a romantic getaway is about spending lots of couple time in low-key, lovely, surroundings, the Whiteface Region offers the right mix of solitude and scenery.

Heart as Big as All Outdoors

Fun ways to go outdoors are all over the area: literally! In the winter, our trails welcome snowshoes, microspikes, cross-country skiing, and even bikes. There's the fifty-acre "wild kingdom" of the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge. Walk with wolves, meet an owl, and enjoy the snowy beauty alongside wild creatures. Yes, we still go bike riding in the winter. Fat tire bikes are available for rentals, and there's no end of great places to ride them. All of our activities offer a low, medium, and high gear. It's as simple as a woodsy stroll or as challenging as a mountain. 

Hitting the Sweet Spot

The way to my heart is Candyman chocolate. The official name is Adirondack Chocolates, but for some of us, it will always be Candyman. This chocolate kitchen/gift shop/gourmet treat stop has the best peppermint patties. So large even I cannot eat them at one sitting. I break off a piece and savor it; which is a fine way to eat any treat, actually. Mindful of my own sweetheart, I make my selections. A fun thing about this place is that we can pick one of that, two of those, and several of the other, and it all gets weighed, and paid for, together. It is the ultimate in choice. "Give me six of the chocolate covered cherries," I say to the helpful lady behind the counter. Everything smells so good I want to exercise a teeny bit of restraint. "No, wait, my husband has gotten hooked on them, too. Make it a dozen." "Oh then, you will want our boxed version, keeps them nice."

There's so many stuffed animals that any seeker is sure to find just the right combination. Put them together with our person's favorite chocolates for a very memorable Valentine's gift.For more about this delicious Wilmington tradition, see our blog, Sweet smell of... chocolate!

Eat Like a Local

Lodging and dining in Wilmington can also be romantic. There are very few chains of any kind: we have small, locally-owned places. Many of our establishments are along the Ausable River, or have incredible views of the mountains. The welcome is as warm as the as the air is crisp. I met with friends at  Pourman's Tap House, a restaurant with a relaxed pub atmosphere that is becoming very popular with the locals, especially the craft beer aficionados. Local proprietor Jesse Rogers has a shifting lineup of ten area beers on tap, including Paradox Brewery, which was my choice of the night. We started with a Pourman's specialty, the Loaded Tots. No, these are not toddlers on a binge, but perfectly fried tater tots treated like nachos. Other great options for a romantic night out are The Hungry Trout, Wilderness Inn, or Ice Jam Inn & Restaurant.


Craft your own romantic weekend by choosing the right cabin, inn, or B&B. Don't be afraid of our motels, either. They are decorated to reflect the Adirondacks, have owners on the premises, and feature Great Rooms with fireplaces, books, games, and plenty of hospitality. That's what the Adirondacks are all about. And Wilmington is Real Adirondacks Find the right cozy lodging. Explore all our wonderful dining. Of course you can ski & ride, too.

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