Puppy Jackpot
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Happy Tails 

Puppy Jackpot is the saying I use for a dog who gets adopted into a great home. There seem to be a lot of winners in the Adirondacks. Living in this dog-friendly community, canines are our constant companions - we tend to do almost everything with them and bring them almost everywhere. They are part of our family, our culture, and our way of life. 

These Adirondack dogs want to share with you some of their favorite ways your dogs can enjoy this area, too, on your next visit. Pack your bags, load up your gear and get ready to have some fun with your furry best friend.

Things to do with your dog in the Adirondacks

Camp with them


Hike with them


Bike with them


Share your love of Whiteface with them

Cross-country ski with them


Snowshoe with them


Fish with them


Paddle with them


Explore with them


Swim with them


sightsee with them

And relax with them

...You get the idea, now we want to give you a few great spots to get started on your next trip to the Adirondacks. While we aren't sharing all our secrets, these are a few local favorites we think you should try. Then while you're here you can pick some favorites of your own.

Where To Go 

Five great spots to check out:

1. Flume Trails

The Flume Trails this is a system of trails of varying difficulty great for hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.


2. The Whiteface Landing

The Whiteface Landing, great for hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. Takes you to a great swim spot at the far end of Lake Placid.


3. Copperas Pond

Copperas Pond, is great for hiking, swimming and snowshoeing. Be careful crossing the highway from the parking area to the trailhead. Once on the trail you hike up for a mile or so to Copperas Pond, there is a lean-to with a nice spot for swimming.

4. Stag Brook Falls

Stag Brook Falls this short hike at Whiteface Mountain takes you to a waterfall hidden in the trees with a nice little swimming hole.    


5. Hardy Road Trails

These trails were built for mountain biking and are great for hiking, cross-country skiing, trail running and snowshoeing as well. Learn more by reading Matt Young's blog


Plan your trip

We invite your dog to be a part of your next Adirondack stay. Start by searching our lodging, just check the pet-friendly lodging option. Learn more about things to do

Now just pack your bags and load the dogs up, and we'll see you soon!

A big thank you to all my Adirondack friends for sharing these great photos of their dogs!

Kelly Kennedy

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