Beaver Brook Trails
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The Beaver Brook Trail System is located in the Wilmington Wild Forest and has become a go to destination for mountain biking in theregion. But what many don't know is that the trail system is also a killer destination for trail running.

Now that spring is finally here, we can enjoy the luxury of not having to dress like the boy in "A Christmas Story" and actually get out and do some warm weather activities. Not being a mountain biker myself, I enjoy the trails as a trail running rollercoaster. One of the features I enjoy so much is that, of the 5-miles or so in trails that exist, they are spread out over eight differently laid out trails. The eight trails  are all distinct and offer me the option of making several different loops and covering all the trails if I so desire. With that, each time I go back I can mix it up a bit and do some in reverse, or in different order, or whatever, the choices are almost endless.

There are very aggressive trails within the system like ascending the Twisted Pines or the Good Luck traverse which can be worked into a loop with the more moderate trails like Double Time, Make Believe or Safe Bet. On the opposite side of the road there is an introductory trail called Coniferous, and other trails are being developed which traverses a rather large hillside, using several switchbacks.

Another key feature that makes these trails excellent for trail running is the sharp turns and fluctuating terrain grades with sporadic rocky footing. I guess in short, trail runners enjoy similar terrain as mountain bikers; we just get from place to place under different muscle groups.

For more information check out the DEC website and the BETA website. Need a place to stay while in the Wilmington area or maybe check out other attractions, Wilmington has a lot to offer. 

Spencer Morrissey

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