Judging from the quiet forests around Marble Mountain, it might be hard to imagine a ski center here. Yes, before Whiteface Mountain, there was Marble Mountain. Today, the ski center here no longer exists, but a trail leading to where the t-bar ended showcases some of the region's finest beauty.

Getting there

From the four-way stop sign in Wilmington, take the turn onto Route 431 (Whiteface Mountain Road) toward the Toll Road. Follow here, 

By the numbers

  • Elevation: 2,753 feet
  • Elevation gain: ~1,000 feet
  • Mileage: 1.2 miles, one way


From the parking area, cross the brook below the dam on a good bridge and then turn right and head up the right bank of the brook. At 0.4 miles, the trail veers away from the water and comes to an intersection with a snowmobile trail. Turn right here and climb 0.8 challenging miles to the summit of Marble Mountain.

For a more gradual climb and for a longer outing, at the aforementioned intersection, stay straight. The trail meanders through an oak and maple forest. At 1.3 miles, there is another intersection. Again, stay straight. Shortly after, you'll reach another intersection. Here the trail turns right and begins a steep climb to the summit, which is reached at 2.2 miles.

Accessibility Information

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