Ausable Two-Fly Challenge
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Fly Fishing in The Ausable: The Two-Fly Challenge

May 13 - 15, 2021 

The Ausable River Two-Fly Challenge was founded to celebrate the joy of fishing, spirit of sportsmanship, preservation of the Ausable River, and natural wonders of the Whiteface Region. COVID may have changed things, but we won't let it keep us down! Keep checking back for more details on what we will be doing new and different this year!

Thursday night
Welcome party at the Wilmington Town Beach featuring a bon fire, beer vendor, and live music providing Covid-19 guidelines allow

Friday night 

Drive in Movie - Fly fishing Film Tour- FT3

From their site. "Featuring exclusive films from the Guyana rainforest to Utah's Flaming Gorge and beyond, we'll tell the stories from fun loving steelhead die-hards to Russian oligarchs and hunting Taiman in the Russian Far East." Check out the teaser here

Saturday night

Details to be determined


The 411

Rules for the catch-and-release tournament are simple: anglers are allowed to bring two barb-less hook flies of any combination or patterns. Once the flies are lost or unusable, he or she is out. Anglers must fish with a partner and each must record the total number of fish caught, the length of each fish, and the cumulative number of inches. Only fish handled by the angler and successfully released will count as caught fish. The winner is determined by the highest cumulative length of each fish caught. 

Each fisherman can choose just two flies to user per day. They must pick their flies they will use at the beginning of the day. If the lose them, they are done. Official rules are sent with registration confirmations. 

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