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The Adirondack Mountains are home to many creatures, some which are so elusive they don’t even seem real. One animal you may not have encountered is a unicorn.

That’s right. A unicorn.

In late August 2020, Unicorn Square opened its doors in Wilmington for kids and kids at heart to experience something magical. As with most magical things, the joy is in the discovery. Unicorn Square Owner and Fairy Liaison Bridget Hinman is not new to the area and finds herself deeply rooted to the natural world here in the Whiteface Region. Before moving away for a bit, Bridget spent years exploring and connecting with the environment, in the nearby forests and on the slopes of Whiteface Mountain, where she worked for 15 years.

Unicorn Square first took shape in a much different environment than the Adirondacks: Hawaii. It may sound odd but the shop is the perfect mixture of the two places, with a calming vibe that literally can be felt the second you walk in the door.

If you are able to visit Unicorn Square, you’ll find all sorts of treasures, everything from fairies to locally-made tea to whimsical decorations. 


It’s no secret that 2020 has been a strange year. It’s also no secret that everyone needs a little boost of emotional support occasionally. This is where Bridget’s emotional support fairies come into play. Each fairy is hand-sewn on site with upcycled materials; nothing is wasted here and each fairy is as unique as you.

What is an emotional support fairy? They are more than toys or dolls; they are a tool to help guide you on a healing path, encouraging you to meditate in nature and embrace each day with gratitude, love, acceptance, and imagination. Each fairy has their own message tube attached to their wings where positive messages can be shared.

It’s all about self-acceptance, discovery, and empowerment. 

Healing crystals

Healing crystals are exactly what they sound like, little gemstones that are said to have the ability to heal the mind, body, and soul. They are promoters of good energy flow and help rid the mind and body of negativity. Historically speaking, crystals have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties and even today are found in many everyday items, like computer screens. 

At Unicorn Square, there are crystals everywhere. When you walk inside, there is a separate room with a crystal bar. Here, 20-plus bowls are filled with crystals that shoppers can take home in homemade cloth sachets. Like the emotional support fairies, each crystal is unique. Below is a sample sachet, which looks like a flower when tied, with crystals. The crystals featured here are amethyst (which is soothing and promotes a good night’s sleep), rose quartz (which promotes unconditional love and infinite peace), and green aventurine (which promotes emotional well-being and calm).

Bridget said that the rainbow moonstone crystal has been the most popular with kids, especially during the pandemic. Rainbow moonstone (pictured below) has deep properties and is beneficial for emotional healing, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. These crystals by themselves have incredible power, but they also are used in conjunction with the emotional support fairies. You have the ability to customize your fairy and select a crystal to place in its heart, carrying those healing properties around with you. 

And more!

In addition to emotional support fairies and crystals, Unicorn Square is a treasure trove of other unique finds. Some are made locally here in the Adirondacks, some are made in Hawaii. One wall of the shop is even covered with Magical Creature Sketches drawn by Bridget’s father, Thomas Hinman. The common thread is that everything is somehow connected to nature and reflects a mindful appreciation of our place in the world.

What is very clear from spending even just a few minutes with Bridget is her passion, kindness, and uplifting spirit. It’s no wonder she’s called the human sparkle! Bridget has big plans for the future at Unicorn Square, including private crystal bar parties, oracle card readings, and sound baths.

There is so much to discover at Unicorn Square. Check out Unicorn Square's Facebook page and website for current information on store hours and happenings. Or, if you can, be sure to stop in, say hello, and see if you can hear the story of the unicorn. You’ll surely leave feeling better than when you arrived.


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