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Lungfuls of fresh Adirondack mountain air, thigh-burning exercise, and fresh powder are the ideal ingredients that will earn you rights to a hearty meal after skiing Whiteface Mountain. But the recipe for a perfect mountain meal varies, depending on the type of skier. Are you the “only fresh morning tracks will do” type? The “all-day, go till you drop” sort? Or are you cruising along, making conservative turns, remembering when your legs were sturdier and so was your audacity?

No matter how you ski, we’ve got the dining spots for you just minutes from the ski resort. 

Early bird

If you ski early and finish early, then the cafe at High Falls Gorge is for you. Just a few miles from the mountain, this place is all about the view. From the picture window, soak in the stunning views of frozen waterfalls and the Ausable River. Enjoy the classic hearty lunch fare (think maple chipotle wings, French onion soup, flatbread pizzas) and then head out on snowshoes and gaze at the incredible ice formations on the four waterfalls. 

Hard-core, hungry skier

 You’ve skied all day and now it’s time to refuel for tomorrow’s mountain adventure, and only a mountain of carbs will do. 

Wilmington’s own pizza and pasta joint, aptly called ADK Pizza & Pasta has mastered traditional Italian American food like stuffed shells with garlic bread, spaghetti bolonese; or penne ala Salsiccia with sweet Italian sausage, white wine, parmesan and garlic. Wash it down with a cheap beer: $3 domestics and $4 imports.

Thirsty skier

At the four corners in Wilmington sits Pourman’s Tap House, named for a regionally-famous mountain bike trail called "Poor Man's Downhill." Its location in the center of the village, 3 miles from Whiteface and next to the hotels, makes it a convenient stop.

The draw is the twelve beers on tap (some of them are local); the poutine (Canadian-inspired gravy cheese fries); and homemade mozzarella sticks. This relaxed establishment is popular with locals and visitors for its live music, flowing beer, and pub grub. 


R.F. McDougalls Pub will warm you up with its cozy dining room, complete with a large bar and booths that inspire good conversation. But the real showstopper is the large fireplace that can warm the coldest of toes. Favorites here are the fish and chips, chipotle bacon mac-and-cheese, and the homemade chili. There is also an extensive kids menu. 

Love Christmas?

If Christmas decorations warm your insides, then the Wilderness Inn II is for you. It’s known for its great salad bar, fireplace, cozy vibe, and the Christmas decorations that remain in place all year. It’s just plain festive here. Dine amidst twinkling Christmas lights and garland that is strewn throughout the dining room.  The menu is nostalgic — a throwback to the type of restaurant your grandparents may have dined at on Saturday nights  — think stuffed clams casino, shrimp cocktail, prime rib special, and sliced roast beef dinner.

Feeling hungry? Start planning your trip to the Whiteface Region today. We have lodging to fit all your needs.

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