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A ski getaway is all about as much as possible. Since weekends are popular, they are also more crowded and expensive..

By thinking a little outside the box, it is possible to get more for less. The Whiteface Region has midweek rates, for both lift tickets and lodging, to give extra for the same money.

It's a case of less being more.

The when

Weekends are appealing because a lot of people have that time off. Weekends are crowded because that's when people get away. So while taking a ski trip with "free" time, there's also more time spent waiting to do things, instead of actually doing the things.

Take that break during a less crowded day of the week. It's not just saving money. It is a way of getting more time.

Get more skiing in with the lack of crowds midweek.

In December, an adult lift ticket at Whiteface Mountain costs $106 weekdays, but on Saturday and Sunday it costs $172, for a difference of $66. Likewise, midweek rates at any lodging are going to be less, for the exact same room.

Manage three days away instead of two, for a similar price. Think of the extra runs when the lines are so much shorter.

Fewer distractions.

Whiteface Mountain is offering 60% off lift tickets all through the month of October.

The where

At midweek rates, a different range of lodging appears. Go up a level in luxury, book a suite instead of a room, or get into a popular place from the wish list.

It's almost like having a personal mountain.

The après ski scene shifts, too. Meals become more leisurely, with wider choices of seating and shorter wait times. Many dining spots have midweek specials, live music, or trivia nights.

Apres ski at the mountain or in town.

One thing that can't be discounted is that feeling of leisure which comes from the slower pace. Kids are never efficient, but patience appears without the pressure of getting everything done in a short time. Our companions who like to linger at transitions and savor a meal will find themselves having an even better time than usual.

It's a serious irony to rush through something that is supposed to be about relaxing.

The why

Staying open to a midweek stay means more flexibility about the weather. Choose a bluebird day no matter where it lands on the calendar. Take that birthday or anniversary for a special thrill. Bring back that "playing hooky" feeling of doing something enjoyable... on a Wednesday.

Top snowmaking tech means snow will be there.

Instead of coming back on a Monday and facing a whole work week, shake things up, Rest on a weekend, set out on a Monday, come back to only one or two days of work before the next weekend.

There are surprises about taking the road less traveled. Like less traffic.

Savor the moment.

Up to half of the population leans more towards the introverted side of personality expression. A slower pace, and fewer people, is the most rejuvenating experience for them.

Trying out the joys of midweek might be exactly right. 

Get more time on the slopes by staying close. Explore the breakfast, lunch, and dinner possibilities with local dining. Get a massage right around the corner at River Stone Wellness.

Pamela Merritt

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