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I love food. So much. My family actually openly makes fun of how much I eat, but it doesn’t even phase me anymore. And, it certainly doesn't stop me from finding great places to eat — which is exactly what I have found at the Wilderness Inn II Restaurant in Wilmington. I’m obsessed, and I’m not afraid to share it. This adorable, quaint little restaurant is well worth the 15-20 minute drive from Lake Placid!  My parents were actually the ones to introduce this place to me, and I couldn't be more thankful! The whole drive there I get more and more hungry just thinking about the delicious food I am about to consume. I have never left disappointed or still feeling hungry! 


Preparing to Feast

As we pull up, I always think to myself how pretty the building is, covered in white, twinkly lights. As you walk in from the side entrance you'll notice there are little cottages in the back that you can rent, an adorable gazebo, and a small deck where you can dine in the summer. Just inside the door there is a small bar and lounge area where you can order lighter fare. Just past the lounge is the main dining room. It isn’t a very big space, but they make the most of it. The tables have red plaid tablecloths and hunter green linen napkins — very “Adirondack.” Inside you will also find more white, twinkly lights, as well as an array of old photographs, trains, and dolls. It has a lot of Adirondack rustic charm with a cozy, family feel.   


A friendly staff member is always there to greet you with a beaming smile and gives you a choice of the open tables. I usually pick one by the window, but near the fireplace is also a nice option! After you are sat, menus are dropped off, and a drink order is taken. Tonight they had a chocolate cherry martini special that sounded amazing, but being the responsible young adult that I am, I decided to stick with an iced tea. I did have to drive to my parents house after dinner. The menu includes items such as filet mignon, king sirloin, stuffed pork chop, broiled sea scallops, and more! With every meal you get warm rolls and butter, as well as the salad bar, which is one of my favorite parts of the whole meal. It is filled with a variety of salad toppings, as well as other homemade additions — you'll find things like traditional potato, macaroni, and pasta salads, as well as cucumber salad, tomato and corn salad, and more! Don’t even get me started on the croutons. They’re made from the same dinner rolls that are served at the table, and I like to dump about ten of them on top and then drench it all in homemade ranch dressing! I can always find a way to make something healthy, unhealthy! 


Digging In

I always look at the menu, but really there's no reason to, I always order the same thing. Not because nothing else sounds good, but just because I’m so in love with my go-to meal. I invariably choose the stuffed chicken breast. It comes with rice pilaf, maple glazed carrots, and cranberry sauce. The chicken breast is stuffed with homemade stuffing, and then topped with a big piece of bacon and amazing gravy! The maple glazed carrots are not too sweet, with the perfect amount of maple on the fresh baby carrots. It is ridiculously delicious!


I don’t eat a lot of red meat, but if you do, you will LOVE the prime rib special on Saturdays. I would say we go once a month for this specific reason. It’s only $19.95 for a huge piece of prime rib, your choice of potato, vegetables, a cup of the soup of the day, and the salad bar and rolls. That is what my boyfriend always gets, and he always has leftovers. I’m serious when I say it's the biggest piece of prime rib; It’s like the size of my face! It always comes perfectly cooked and perfectly delicious! This week I also sampled his beef vegetable soup, which was packed full of veggies and big chunks of beef in a delicious broth. I don’t really ever eat beef vegetable soup, but it was really good!


The Aftermath

After this feast we had just embarked on I wanted a piece of cheesecake or a chocolate lava cake, but trust me, I couldn't physically fit anything else in my stomach. After we sat and digested for a minute (or five), we got up to leave, and every person working there thanked us on the way out the door. You can tell they are truly appreciative that you have chosen to eat there, and we are always happy that we did — this time was no exception! Next time you plan a trip to Whiteface Region you absolutely have to stop here and "rough-it in style" as they say at the Wilderness Inn! It will be sure to fill you up after a day of Adirondack activities!

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