Top 5 Snowshoe Hikes in Wilmington
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Five Top Snowshoe Hikes in the Wilmington, Whiteface Region

Snowshoe some of the best

Flume Knob

This short hike is located just north of the Whiteface Ski Center at the Flume Falls Trail-head. This round-trip snowshoe is just over 2-miles and will reward the traveler with outstanding views and a heart-pumping good time.

The Flume Trails are part of an extensive mountain biking trail network, but in the winter quickly becomes a trail system for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. From the trail-head follow the wide course on a flat, to the trail register. From the trail register climb a small hill to a flat section with other trail options. Along this trail, which is referred to as the Corridor Trail, you will pass by many side trails, you need to stay pretty much straight and follow the signs for Flume Knob.

The trail will slowly start to climb and eventually become a narrower foot trail. At this point you will climb much steeper as you ascent the slopes of Flume Knob. The trail is a solid climb to the summit, but not all is steep, but it is steady. The summit are will welcome you to a rocky top with outstanding 180 degree views of the Whiteface Region and the Ausable Valley in the distance.

Marble Mountain

View near Marble

Marble is located along one of the main routes to Whiteface Mountain and is an excellent destination on its own. There are two routes to the summit of Marble Mountain but the most rewarding is that from the Reservoir along the Wilmington Trail. This 5.4 miles round-trip hike is over moderate terrain. The trail can be found off Reservoir Road in Wilmington. Follow the Whiteface Memorial Highway for a short distance to Reservoir Road on the left, drive to the end, there’s the trail.

While this hike is a bit on the longer side it is an excellent snowshoe outing where the demands are not too strenuous.  From the trailhead you will be on a very moderate trail as it slowly begins to climb a bit more. On a steady climb you will eventually level out on a high notch with a short spur trail to Marble Mountain on the right. This spur trail is an easy 200 feet to the outstanding views.

Poko-Moonshine Mountain


This fire tower peak is a very popular snowshoe, as it should be; moderate effort with such an outstanding payoff. Located off Route 9 just south of Keeseville, this 2-mile round trip hike has big rewards.

From the trailhead you will start climbing immediately and quickly come to some very steep slopes. After you pass by some rather large cliffs you will sweep around to your first view. The climb moderates slightly as you proceed higher and eventually come to a fork in the trail. Left will bring you to the truck trail and a lean-to, head right to the summit. The summit has a nice fire tower which opens up the views even more. Lake Champlain and the Green Mountain of Vermont can be seen in the distance.

View from Pokomoonshine

Copperas, Owen and Winch Ponds

This is a short loop hike of around 3-miles and visits three distinctive back country ponds; Copperas, Own and Winch. This trail is located off Route 86 between Lake Placid and Wilmington and has two separate trail-heads. Each trail-head will get you to the same three ponds, but in different order. Both trails are excellent snowshoe outing for the entire family and have similar rewards.

Copperas Pond is the most popular pond in this region with its deep waters, mountain views and lean-to that rests upon its shore. The lean-to is an excellent spot for a picnic or a warm drink.

Silver Lake Mountain

Silver Lake

This gem of the northern Adirondacks has a slightly obscure hike with a trail that gets much less use that it should. Silver Lake Mountain is located in Silver Lake and the trail-head is positioned off Silver Lake Road. This 1.8 mile round trip hike has some serious bang for its buck. From the trail-head the hike starts out moderately before it starts to climb a bit more seriously to a rocky slope and then to some outstanding open vistas of the entire region.

Interested in some other amazing hikes in the Whiteface Region?, be sure to check out the full line on this website. Want a guide book to read and peruse?, see what a local gear shop or book shop has to offer. Need accommodations for the entire family and maybe a pet?, see what Wilmington has for you. Want a guided tour of the Adirondack backwoods?, see what a local guide service has to offer.

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