Wilmington, A great hiking basecamp
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With fall right around the corner and some of the best months for hiking in the region, consider Wilmington and the Whiteface Region as your go-to base camp for hiking and other outdoor recreation.

The Whiteface Region is home to a variety of affordable lodging; especially for those on a budget. In Wilmington, everyone can realize the luxuries of staying in the area without the expense of peak season pricing. Just to name a few you might consider:

Cadence Lodge at Whiteface – located on Route 86 near the Ausable River

Ledge Rock at Whiteface – located on route 86 across for the Whiteface Ski Center

North Pole Inn – located on Route 86 in the heart of Wilmington

Wilmington Range Chalet – location on Haselton Road

Then of course after you had a full day on the trails you are going to need to get some nutrition, Wilmington has some great options for a nice meal in a comfortable atmosphere. You might want to visit:

The Hungry Trout – located on Route 86 just north of the Whiteface Ski Center

Wilderness Inn II – located on Route 86 just south of the village of Wilmington

The Country Bear – located on Route 86 in the village of Wilmington, a great breakfast destination that should not be missed

Wilmington is just 12-miles north of Lake Placid, a short drive to the shops and a stone throw to the High Peaks Region and numerous local hiking trails. Visit the Wilmington pages for hiking opportunities in the immediate region. A common misconception for many people visiting the area is that Wilmington brings them further from the High Peaks Region adding additional road time to access some of the sought-after trails. This is actually not completely true. Wilmington’s location actually keeps visitor close to the peaks and many of the trails with little to no added time behind the wheel.

To access the Keene Valley Region and hiking trails located there, locate Fox Farm Road just south of Wilmington and drive this to its end at Springfield Road and take a right. A short drive along Springfield Road (CR12) to the end will get you to Route 9N in Upper Jay. A right on Route 9N will get you to Keene and Keene Valley in a flash.  

With this access route you reach a number of trailheads and portals that are located a short 30-minute drive from Wilmington:

Marcy Airfield – Blueberry Mountain Trail

Crow Clearing – Hurricane Mountain, Crows and Nun-da-ga-o Ridge Trails

Hurricane Mountain Trailhead

Garden Trailhead – Johns Brook, Great Range, Big Slide and the Brothers, and Mount Marcy Trails

Roostercomb Mountain and Snow Mountain Trails

Hopkins Mountain Trail

Roaring Brook Falls Trailhead – Giant Mountain and Giants Nubble Trails

AMR – Great Range, Dial and Nipple Top Mountains, Colvin and Blake peaks, Lower Ausable Lake, Rainbow and Beaver Meadow Falls, and Sawteeth Trails

Chapel Pond Trailhead – Giant Mountain, Giants Nubble and Rocky Peak Ridge Trails

For more information on the above trails be sure to visit the Lake Placid website and plan you day’s adventure.

Enjoy your stay with us!


Spencer Morrissey

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