Don't Miss The Wilmington Dirt Jump Park
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The dirt jump park in Wilmington, right behind the "Little Supermarket" is a a huge asset for the entire Whiteface Region.  It was built several years with support from people all over the local community.  Since the original construction by professional cyclist Kyle Ebbet it has seen a number of updates and it keeps getting better each time.  The dirt jump park is a great place to hone in on skills that transfer to the trail without having to into the woods.  

 Some people assume that the dirt jump park is for experts only.  The truth is, there is something for riders of every ability.  More conservative riders will have a great time cruising around on the "pump track."  This feature of the park has rolling features and berms that allow riders to get a feel for maneuvering their bike.  The idea is to be able to use your body to "pump" through the corners and over the rollers so that no pedaling is necessary to get around the track.  It is a really fun way to spend a couple of hours, and kids go absolutely nuts for it.  

 The jumping side of the park has a progression of four jump lines with successively larger features.  The first feature is appropriate for just about anyone who wants to get a feel for getting their bike in the air.  The jumps are flat on top so if you don't make it all the way to the landing, it's not a big deal.  As you work your way across the different lines, then next two just get a little bigger.  The fourth jump line has some real consequences and should only be attmepted after some comfort has been established with the other lines.  

 Safety is the most important thing at the dirt jump park.  Riders should always wear a hemet, make sure the course is clear before dropping in, and be courteous of other riders.  It's also important to know your limits.  A bad crash can not only end your day of riding, but end your season, or worse.  

 The park is open from sun up to sun down every day it's dry enough ride.  Please stay off the jumps if it's wet, and have a great time!!


Matt Young

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