Expert Riding at Whiteface Bike Park
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Every Summer The Bike Park at Whiteface Mountain offers experienced locals and visitors alike incredible thrills descending the steep terrain from the top of Little Whiteface.  Riders have access to the Gondola 7 days a week from mid June to mid October.  The 13 minute trip takes gravity addicted cycltists to the summit of "Little Whiteface," which sits at an elevation of 3676 feet.  The long trip back down to the base lodge consists of a vertical drop of nearly 2500 vertical feet, which is more than 3 times the vertical drop other Bike Parks in the region.  




While The Bike Park at Whiteface Mountain offers spectacular riding for the whole family on the lower portion of the mountain, the portion accessed from the gondola is for experienced riders only.  it is also necessary to have a full-face style helmet, appropriate bike, and protective equipment.  All of which are available for rental at the base area.  Rental of an appropriate bike for the upper mountain, a lift ticket, and protective equipment as part of the "Discover Gold" package is $150 for the day.  Rental of the bike only will cost $100/day.  




Elias, and Downhill Mike, managers of the Bike Park tirelessly build and maintain the trails each season.  They smooth and sculpt the dirt with great care to make riding a challenging and enjoyable experience every time.  There are 3 routes off the summit of "Little Whiteface."  "Drifting Terror", "Evil Empire", and "Freedom".  All three routes begin on trails used for skiing in the winter, with Freedom, and Evil Empire quickly veering off into the woods adjacent to the ski trails.  "Cliffs Of Insaninty" which can be found off of "Evil Empire" typically sees the most maintenance from the trail crew, and as such is the most popular route amongst locals.  The technical descent twists and turns though the woods chalenging riders in every single run.  




As riders make their way towards mid-mountain a few intermidate level trail options exist.  "Slick Rock" requires a little bit of pedaling to get to, but is well worth the effort.  "Inconceivable" has seen the most trail work this season, and shouldn't be missed on a trip to the Bike Park.  Riders who enjoy "Freeride" type wooden features should be sure to check out both "Northeast Shore" and "Southeast Shore" trails.  Downhill riding at Whiteface definitely has soemthing for everyone, but experienced riders will really find their home riding the terrain off the top of "Little Whiteface."  Having been to many other bike parks in the region I can say without question the steep terrain and technical trails at Whiteface Mountain are unique, and an experienced rider should not pass up an opportunity to join the fun.  For more information contact Downhill Mike at 518-524-9805

Matt Young

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