Pots and Prints Opening in Upper Jay
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Youngs Gallery in Jay has been a magnet for art lovers for more than 30 years. And Terry and Sue Young are still going strong traveling in new directions with fresh images and new designs.

This evening the couple is unveiling some new works at their opening at the Wells Memorial Library in Upper Jay.

I have known and admired Terry and Sue for some 20 odd years now and there is always something new to discover in their amazing pottery (Sue) and print work (Terry).

So, why should I be surprised today that what I am about to see is so different from what I have seen before. Yet, I am. Surprised and amazed and transfixed.

Terry has described his art form on paper but so many of us here are asking him to explain that he finally relents and talks publicly about the work.

He talks about getting this colored sandpaper for pastel work from another town resident some years ago. He went out and bought some pastels and then put both aside for about five years.

At that time he also began doodling tree branches and twisted trees in sketchbooks and on scraps of paper.

Then Terry says, “I had a heart attack. I was supposed to be asleep while they inserted a stent in me, but I was not. I was awake to see the blood flowing back into part of my heart, just like the trees I had been mindlessly, yet determinedly drawing. The tree of life. One day, I got curious about how the shadow from a tree would fall across an egg, and then the rest just happened. The pastels were a perfect medium for the trees.”

And the trees are unlike anything I have ever seen at the Gallery before. I find them mesmerizing, haunting and lovely.

Then Sue takes center stage to talk to us about her work. She says this is a crazy time of year but this show at the library gave her a chance to play.

“I’ve always had this thing for river rock and stone…I love stones that have natural holes in them…I like the idea of having a jumble of stones and making them become a teapot.  They all pour but they also dribble. They are more sculptural than functional.”

Sue is speaking of the centerpiece of her work which is comprised of hollow stones all of which are tea pots of some sort.

The Youngs’ art work will be on display through August at the Wells Memorial Library in Upper Jay.

Of course, you can see more of their work at their home gallery on route 86 in Jay or visit their web site at: www.youngsgallery.com

For more art event happenings this summer in the Whiteface Region click through to the web site.

Kathleen Recchia has been enjoying the arts in the Adirondacks for about 20 years—both as observer and participant (acting, directing, and producing). She also enjoys cross-country skiing, swimming, juggling, and hosting visitors to the area at her bed & breakfast in Jay.

Kathy Recchia
Arts, Family

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