This rugged trail begins on Route 86 at “Up A Creek Restaurant”; 0.6 miles south from the intersection of Route 86 and the Whiteface Veteran Memorial Highway. The trail ascends 1200 vertical feet over 3 miles where it exits on to the Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway.


The route then travels up the Whiteface Memorial Highway for 0.1 mile to the Y intersection, then along the Gillespie Rd. for 0.6 mile to the Cooper Kiln Spur Trailhead.

Ride on the Cooper Kiln Trail until the Wilmington Snowmobile Trail branches off to the left at a sign approximately 0.8 miles from the trailhead then continue on to the Plank/Forestdale Rd. The total trail length from RT 86 to the Forestdale Rd is 7.6 miles

From the Forestdale Rd turn left (west) and ride for 0.2 miles west to the Catamount Mountain Trailhead. Follow the Catamount Trail until the snowmobile trail branches of to the left approximately 0.5 miles the trailhead. From here the snowmobile trail travels across private property (stay on trail and respect all private property) to eventually connect with the Taylor Pond Snowmobile Trail. The Taylor Pond Snowmobile Trail is on state land. It connects with other trails in Clinton County.

Cooper Kiln Spur Trail

This trailhead is on the Gillespie Rd. 0.6 miles from its intersection with the Whiteface Memorial Highway.

The Cooper Kiln Spur trail snowmobile section is 2.7 miles to the pond and lean-to. The rest of the Cooper Kiln Trail is non-motorized for 3.2 miles to Bonnieview Rd.

Accessibility Information


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