Hatch schedule in the Adirondacks

There is no better fishing experience than being in the hatch. Many anglers spend most of their experiences on the water missing out by not being able to identify the insects in the water and air that the fish are eating. We have put together a hatch schedule for our Adirondack waterways so you can be on the action when it arrives.

So even if you are new to fly fishing, a novice, or expert, below is the local insect hatch schedule for our local waters. Using information like this will greatly help plan your fishing trip. To be able to use the correct fly pattern at the right time will increase your catch rates. If you need assistance understanding the chart, feel free to contact one of our local fly fishing outfitters shops to get additional insight.

Hendrickson May 1 - May 31 

Sulphur June 5 - July 31 

Blue Wing Olive May 1 - July 15 

Blue Dun May 15 - October 15 

Trico June 15 - October 15 

March Brown May 10 - June 15 

Grey Fox May 15 - June 25 

Light Cahill June 1 - July 15 

Green Drake June 1 - June 20 

Drake Fly June 1 - June 30 

Golden Drake July 1 - July 31 

Mahogany Dun August 15 - October 15 

Hexagenia June 20 - July 15 

Isonychia Sep. 1/Oct. 30 

Caddis May 1 - October 30 

Stonefly May 20 - September 30



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