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Johnathan Esper is an Adirondack native photographer based out of Long Lake, New York. He specializes in panoramic landscape photography, especially of the Adirondack region, as fine art, and panoramic adventure photography, for stock uses. He is currently involved in a long-term project of photographing panoramas from the tops of trees he ascends on forested hills, for new and unique views over the Adirondacks. He has also backpacked, skied, photographed, mountaineered, and travelled for years through some of our world's great wilderness landscapes and mountain regions including Patagonia, New Zealand, Iceland, Tasmania, Scandinavia, Alaska and the Andes and Himalaya mountain ranges. Johnathan has been published frequently in the region's premiere magazine, Adirondack Life, including on the covers of their annual calendar , and has also shot assignments for the magazine. His images have appeared in Adirondack Explorer, Adirondac, National Geographic Travel, Climbing and Delta Airlines magazines, and many other publications for commercial and governmental clients. Johnathan's adventure stock imagery is represented by Aurora Photos and Getty Images. In addition to his work with API, Johnathan is also very active leading adventure photography workshops and photo tours internationally to places such as Iceland and Sweden.

1235 Haselton Rd
New York
(518) 354-3983
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