This is a unique paddle, because of its interesting features. Lake Everest is simply a widening of the Ausable River, kind of like how Long Lake is a widening of the Raquette River.

Getting there

From the bridge in Wilmington located on Route 86, you will launch from the public park. It’s a steep bank to the river’s edge as well as a deep water launch. The paddle goes under the bridge and has a very light current in this section of the river. Soon the river widens near the town beach and slowly begins to narrow again.


Be sure to watch for wildlife along the shore as well as schools of brown trout beneath you. You won’t be able to paddle all the way to the Flume, but you can get quite a ways up the river before it gets too rocky for most canoes and kayaks.


Boat launch from the public day-use area. End of Bowman Lane off State Route 86 in Wilmington, NY. This is a mix of town parkland and private lands. Wilmington Town Beach offers many kinds of rentals.

Size in length: Roughly 1.5 miles

How to get there: From the intersection of Route 73 and Route 86 in Lake Placid, follow Route 86 toward Wilmington. At the 4-way intersection in Wilmington, continue along Route 86 toward Jay. About 200 feet from the intersection is the small town park on the left before the Ausable River, park here.

Type of launch: Short carry of less than 100 Yards

Type of water: Flat with mostly calm conditions. Slow current moving toward the north.

Accessibility Information

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