Eagle Eyrie is a low peak at the north end of Lake Placid that offers a unique view of the lake and the High Peaks. It can be approached on foot or by boat. The hike starts along an old road and parallels attractive Connery Pond. The trail to Whiteface Landing is wide and well used and is the remnants of an old woods road. The Whiteface Landing Trail is a bit rocky and littered with loose stones and gravel sized rocks.

How to get there

From the four-way intersection in Wilmington, travel east on Route 86 toward Lake Placid. Drive for just about 10-miles to a large parking lot at a bridge over the Ausable River. From here, you can access Connery Pond and Whiteface Landing. Just up the road from the parking lot, there is a dirt road that leads back to the trailhead for Whiteface Landing. There are few spots, so parking on Route 86 might be the best option. The trailhead is less than one-mile down the dirt road. In winter you will need to park at the large lot along the road. 

By the numbers

  • 9.3 miles round trip
  • Elevation: 2,660 feet
  • Elevation gain: 1,350 feet


Once at Whiteface Landing you will gain a superb view out over Lake Placid. Whiteface Landing is a four-way intersection with Whiteface Mountain to the right. Continuing straight you will access an old and little-used trail around Lake Placid. Beware, this trail is nearly invisible and hard to follow. Bring all the essentials for safe navigation, including a map and compass, with the skills to use it. The intersection for Eagle Eyrie is an obvious and better-used path that follows an unnamed babbling brook which drains at what is un-officially known as Eagle Pond. The trail doesn’t go directly to the summit but ends shy of the true summit atop a small cliff overlooking Lake Placid. These unique views are not afforded from any other place in the park. The actual summit is heavily forested but views can be seen from the small overlook. 

Access by boat

Go to Echo Bay at the northwest corner of Lake Placid and land at the concrete slabs located about the middle of the north shore. A trail goes 0.1 mi. to the main trail around the lake. Go right for a few yards and cross a stream to a junction with the side trail up Eagle Eyrie.

Accessibility Information

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