View the Eclipse from the Jay Village Green

The Town of Jay welcomes community members and visitors to view the eclipse from the Jay Village Green. This community space will have parking and bathroom facilities available. With minimal light pollution from the surrounding community, it's a great low elevation place to experience this natural phenomenon—as long as you wear appropriate eclipse glasses!

Safety First - Wear Your Glasses!

Solar eclipse glasses are special viewing glasses that allow you to look at the sun directly. Staring at the without proper eye protection can lead to the burning of your retina, and cause permanent vision loss. You’ll want to wear these for the entire event until the few minutes when the sun will be entirely blocked. Not all glasses are the same. Buy or source from an approved source!

Solar Eclipse Events & Info

Accessibility Information

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Venue: Village Green

Address: Route 9N

Jay, NY


Time: All Day

Date / Time

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Monday, April 8

All Day


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