Ausable River Association (AsRA)
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Since 1998, the Ausable River Association has protected our streams and lakes, their water quality, and the many forms of life that depend on them. We're a community-supported organization that formed as a result of the first watershed-wide scientific study of the Ausable River, conducted in 1994 by the National Park Service. We're a small nonprofit with a big impact, and our approach is unique in the region. Through active partnerships, we combine smart, field-based science with engaged stewardship to produce practical solutions for streams, lakes, and watersheds. We accomplish our mission of helping communities protect our streams and lakes through water quality monitoring, stream restoration and culvert replacement, river user education via our river steward, porta-john placement along the Ausable River, watershed-wide clean up events, guided river tours, and more.

PO Box 8
New York
(518) 637-6859
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