Tour of Wilmington Whiteface

An Adirondack Bike Race weekend · June 1-2 

With a mix of uphill, downhill, serious competition, and family fun, this Bike Fest is set for June 1-2, 2018

17TH ANNUAL Whiteface Uphill Bike Race - Friday, June 1

A road cycling event - Challenge yourself to 11 miles of hardcore uphill-pedaling punishment to the ultimate finish line, a breathtaking 360°  panoramic view of the Adirondacks, New England, and Canada. Our course climbs 3,500 feet up the scenic Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway, New York’s 5th highest peak. Are you up for the challenge?

8th Annual WW 100k - Saturday, June 2 

A true Mountain bike event – The only qualifier in the northeast for the prestigious Leadville 100! This course challenges racers through single track, logging roads and breathtaking mountain vistas!

The Leadville Trail 100 is the holy grail for mountain bikers who like high elevation racing on rugged terrain. As one of the most well known mountain bike races, getting into the Leadville Trail 100 has always been difficult. One way to get in is by racing in one of the six LT100 Qualifiers across the country, each of which offers 100 total qualifying starting positions.

From start to finish, the Wilmington/Whiteface 100 course is as varied as the cyclists competing from the eastern United States and Canada. The race both begins and ends at Whiteface Mountain, but in between the 69-mile long race takes competitors up, down, and twisting through gravel roads, backcountry trails, and climbs that measure more than 750 meters each.

For more information about the weekend’s events, and to register, contact the Whiteface Visitors Bureau at (518) 946-2255, or hit the pictures below for more information on the individual events. Ready to register? Hit the buttons and we'll see you on the mountain! 

Whiteface Challenge

Enter both races for a chance at our cash prize!

Information on Race routes and road closures

As the Wilmington/Whiteface 100K winds its way through the region on Saturday, June 3, several roads will be closed to local traffic only to make way for the cyclists. Please click the links below for more information.

 Annual Wilmington / Whiteface 100K Bike Race (LT100 Qualifier)

Click here to register for 12th Annual BUMPS

Click Here to Register for 3rd Annual Wilmington / Whiteface 100K

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