Whiteface Toll Road

From the gate you will start climbing immediately. The climb is never too steep but continuous. It was built for cars to travel easily, leaving the total grade rather moderate. In the early season there can be bare spots and windblown areas with icy terrain – be sure to take a mental note of these on the way up to avoid them on the way down. The descent isn’t very fast. The road is a two lane width making for excellent opportunities to make some turns. 

Elevation Gain/Loss to Destination: 

2400 feet of gain to castle

Approximate Time, Round Trip:

Family with Kids:        Not recommended 

Experienced Skier:        3 to 4 hours

Out of Shape/Beginner Skier:    4 to 5 hours

Distance Round Trip:

10.5 miles to Castle and back

Trailhead Location: 

From the 4-way intersection in Wilmington take a left onto Route 431 (Whiteface Mountain Road). Follow here for 3-miles to the Toll Road on the left, park near the gate; but not in front of it.  

Difficulty: 1=beginner, 5=advanced

Three: Mainly due to elevation gain and periodic icy conditions 

Additional Important Information:

The Toll Road does not access the exact summit, but the castle about 0.2 miles below.  

Route 431
New York
(518) 946-2255
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