Relax on the scenic route

This is perhaps the most scenic easy gravel ride in the Adirondacks.

How to get there

Parking for this ride is at the Jay Mountain trailhead, which is located at the intersection of Jay Mountain Road and Upland Meadows Road in the town of Jay. (Coordinates: 44.315880, -73.720706)

By the numbers

  • Level of difficulty: Easy
  • Route length: 5.7 miles (9.2 kilometers)
  • Elevation gain/loss: 396 feet (121 meters)
  • Pavement, dirt, and gravel. Due to rain runoff and winter road maintenance practices, sand and small stones can be washed over any of these surfaces. While this is most prevalent in the spring and early summer, storm events can deposit debris onto the road surfaces at any time of the year.

An easy ride for stellar views

Let’s be honest, how much can you expect from a ride that is less than 6 miles and only has 400 feet of elevation change? Well, this loop sets the standard for just what you can experience! The view from the parking area seems daunting with the two roads in front of you, Jay Mountain and Upland Meadows Road ascending away from you. The only real challenge this ride poses comes in the first half a mile when you are not yet warmed up, and where the Upland Meadows Road climbs 200 feet. While no one likes to start their ride with a climb, it does pay dividends over the rest of the ride. Once you crest the top of the hill and begin your descent to Styles Brook Road, you will understand just how much fun gravel riding can be.

As you turn right onto Styles Brook Road you pass through a forest with wetlands and, after three quarters of a mile, you emerge into a blissful field of grass and an old farmstead a short distance away. The views from this point to the turnaround (just past the stone Highland Farms barn) are incredible and should not be missed. Unless you are really interested in a long and very steep climb back to your car, it is important to not go beyond the turnaround point for this ride.

After you turn around, continue on Styles Brook Road to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Your final turn puts you on Jay Mountain Road which brings you back to your car. Be mindful of your speed along the descent as sand and loose stones on the pavement can affect your traction and braking.

Ride With GPS Link

Due to limited cellular coverage, please be sure to download this route and save for offline use before you leave home.

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