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Summer: it’s getting close

And we’re getting excited! Sure, we’ll miss skiing and snowboarding at Whiteface Mountain, but there’s other fun to be had in the Whiteface Region. 

Nature lovers will love getting close to the raging waterfalls at High Falls Gorge. The walkways, railings, and bridges make this dramatic landscape safely accessible while providing unique views of a wild chasm— check it out!

Adirondack animals are fun for all ages to see, and there’s no better way to get close than with a tour of the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge, a place dedicated to the rehabilitation of sick or injured animals.

From the refuge’s property, you might catch a glimpse of Whiteface Mountain as it towers over the valley. Enjoy some spring skiing if the lifts are running, but if they’re not then take a hike, bike, or drive up the scenic Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway — it opens in mid May — for a sweeping vista from 4,867 feet. 

The view from on high

The panorama from Whiteface is a breathtaking overview of the region — just imagine the things you can do here! The mountains and forests are filled with opportunities for hiking to peaks and ponds and camping under the starry sky. And the mountain streams that feed those ponds are a draw for fishing. Want to fish like a local? Read our insider tips on the hidden sweet spots for fishing and get expert advice from our professional guides and fly shops.

Around these parts, some of our trails aren’t just for walking. A thriving mountain biking scene has emerged in the Whiteface Region over the past few years, and trails are maintained and added on a regular basis. Once the trails are dry, hit up the Flume Trails, the Craig Wood Trails, or grab a shuttle bus to the Poor Man’s Downhill.

Plan ahead — your adventure awaits!

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